Madre Chronicles

Seeking Clear Night Skies in the Blue Ridge Mountains

by Madre Adventurer on - 12 Comments

I believe that there are a few places in this world that exist purely as sanctuaries for one’s soul, and Max Patch is one of those places. On...

The Windy Trip: Hanging on at Sadler's Creek State Park

by Madre Adventurer on - 13 Comments


Swedes on Kauai: An Epic Day Hammocking in Hawaii!

by Madre Adventurer on - 12 Comments

The Best Day on Kauai with My Nubé "Swedish Tom" Evertsson traversed Kauai, one of Hawaii's most stunning islands, while hammock-camping in his trusty Nubé 2.0.  This September...

Lycian Way: A Tale of Two Brothers Hammock-Camping in Turkey

by Madre Adventurer on - 14 Comments

Hiking an Ancient Path  Soner Kubat and his brother, Bekir Kubat, hiked Lycian Way in Turkey, an ancient footpath built by an ancient, Bronze-Age civilization.  Gearing Up: Modern Gear...

SMr Gear on the Appalachian Trail: Part II

by Madre Adventurer on

Finishing the Journey After I made it through the halfway mark I had the pleasure of hiking the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia where I finally caught a...

SMr Hammock Gear on the Appalachian Trail: Part I

by Madre Adventurer on

Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Chad "Octo" Haynes enjoys sunrise at Zealand Cliffs, New Hampshire in a chivey - green Pares hammock. Pre-Hike Pack Cramming All the gear before the hike… half...

Fit for the Rugged Trail: The Nubé Stratos Hammock Shelter on the AT

by Madre Adventurer on

2016: Hammock Camping Life on the Appalachian Trail Erik Barstow Tests the Grit of the Nubé Stratos Marine Veteran-turned photographer and survivor of Lyme's disease, Erik Barstow hiked 1000 miles of...

Nubist Colony Event: Maumelle Park, AR

by Sierra Madre on

#NUBIST Colony Event 04/13-04/16 '18 Coming up to our campsite right on the river in Maumelle Park in AR, we were pleased with the gorgeous location for the second...

Fat Butt Hang: Medoc Mountain State Park Hollister, NC.

by Sierra Madre on

5th Annual Fat Butt Hang 03/29-03/31 '18 Finally got to take the van out since the wrap was put on, and it was a hit before I even got...

Chilly Butt Hang: Marsden Tract Potomac, MD

by Sierra Madre on

3rd Annual Chilly Butt Hang 02/16-02/18 '18 Arriving to group hang in Marsden Tract after dark can propose a few issues... Walking around unsure of where you are,...