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A new way to camp, no longer bound to the ground!

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Superior strength, plenty of room, and unbeatable comfort!

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Perfectly Designed for Camping Hammocks. The snuggle is real!

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We're about as anti-corporate as they come, we build innovative gear to perform in the wild, not on a spreadsheet.

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Clean Water

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We are driven to excellence, in our gear and our passions. Join us in ending the water crisis! Each (one) product provides (one) year of clean drinking water for (one) person in need!

Nubist Colony

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                                "Say WHAT now?!"

That’s right, you heard it! Nubist Colony. Not to be mistaken for nudist colony (very different)! “Nubist” is derived from the word Nubé, which is our uniquely designed hammock shelter. Nubist Colony events are free weekend campouts that Sierra Madre hosts in beautiful places all over the world! Sign up now to join our next Nubist Colony Hang!