Don't see what you need to know? Check out the Sierra Madre Helpsville HERE for a ton more information!

- How can I talk to someone at Sierra Madre?

Email us at or call us at (970) 509- 3964

- Where can I put my hands on Sierra Madre gear?

We have several retail locations and as we grow to more locations we will have a store locator page. At this point the easiest way to test our gear is to order, and try it out, if you don't like it send it back within 30 days for a refund! You can also try out our gear at Nubist Colony events!

- What is this Nubist Colony?

Nubists are Sierra Madre enthusiast that love seeking out new adventure! A Nubist Colony is a free camping weekend that we host at incredible places all over the USA, join the Facebook group here and sign up for an event near you here!

- When will I receive my gear?

If your order is placed Monday - Friday before 12pm CT then your gear ships out on the same day! Unless you have preordered a new product! Once your gear is shipped you will receive an email with tracking information, most of our customers receive their gear within three days!

- So tell me about International Shipments?

We ship our gear all over the world. Please understand that different countries around the world have IMPORT TAXES and DUTIES; Sierra Madre is NOT responsible for these taxes or duties. These taxes and duties are imposed by your government and we are not able to track taxes and duties for each country we ship gear to. So unfortunately we can not give you an estimate on the cost of these taxes and duties, please call your country's customs department to inquire about these fees. IF you do not accept and pay the duties and fees we will refund your money AFTER we receive the goods back and all shipping fees have been paid. 

- What is the difference between the Nubé and the Stratos?

The biggest difference is the fact that the Nubé is an all in one shelter and the Stratos is a modular shelter. The Nubé is comprised of the Fly, Insect Shield, and Gear Stash all sewn into one product. The Stratos is comprised of two separable products, the Fly which allows for rain protection, and the Shield which allows for Insect protection and gear storage. The Fly and the Shield can be used together or independently to protect your camping hammock. The Nubé and the Stratos both share common features such as our Water Proof Closure Sleeves, Sky Hook Suspensions, Line Organizers, and Gear Stashes. 

- Which Hammock Should I choose?

We have carefully crafted three hammock options in order to cover the different needs of outdoor enthusiasts. You can check out this blog post to find out, Which Sierra Madre Camping Hammock is right for you? 

The Pares is our "double" hammock, although you'll find that when sleeping through the night you'll want this all to yourself, it is our widest and longest hammock made for those that are after the most space, biggest comfort, and a compressed size - go with the Pares.

The Solo is our full size lightweight backpacking hammock. It gives you a perfect blend of lightweight and big comfort!

The xPlor is our smallest and lightest camping hammock. It can basically fit in your pocket, go anywhere, and provide a solid nap anytime! We recommend being 5'6" or less to use the xPlor on extended overnight trips. 

- What do I do if there's a manufacturing error on my product?

Contact us at and we will gladly help make sure you are camping in your Sierra Madre gear in no time! You can also find out more about our warranties and repairs here. 

- What if I need repairs on my Sierra Madre gear?

Most of the time we'll repair your gear for a minimal charge! Just contact us and we'll help you get your gear back on the trail!

- How do I clean my Sierra Madre gear?

It's always best to hand wash any dirt or grime out of your gear, then allow it to air dry. Do not dry your in a dryer. 

For the Inferno specifically after you have hand washed it, let it air dry for several hours until dry to the touch, then place it in the dryer on tumble (NO HEAT) and place tennis balls in with it, this will help fluff the down and separate the clusters to maximize efficiency. Do this as few of times as possible.