Puffle Adventure Blanket (preorder)


Puffle is the 3in1 Adventure Blanket that adapts to your adventure!

Ever find yourself needing a 'do-it-all' piece of gear? Meet Puffle, inspired by the cozy comfort of your favorite puffy jacket, with a huge appetite for adventure! Puffle adapts to your adventure, in just a snap - It's a sleeping bag for your tent, a top quilt or under quilt for your hammock, or a linkable blanket for a beautiful afternoon picnic! It's weather resistant, super soft, and rated to 40°F!

Puffle comes with: Puffle, Compression Bag, Storage Sack, and Under Quilt Kit.

Puffle will ship out on a first paid basis, we expect to begin shipping September 2018. 

CLICK HERE to check out our Puffle Kickstarter campaign! More info coming soon!