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Luv it

Ready to move into the woods for good now

Hi Tosh, thanks for leaving us such a wonderful review and for your kind words. We are thrilled that you loved your Puffle. Enjoy!

My warm weather hammock

I have not used my hammock yet, but I am going to when I get a chance. I looked at a lot of hammocks and chose this one. I like that it has a bug net attached. This will be my go-to warm weather hammock. I own 3 more hammocks, and I really like this one.

Great!!! Glad that you love it Greg, it will be awesome as you use it. Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear!

My favorite

I have several underquilts and have used a few different top quilts and sleeping bags. I was introduced to the Puffle by a SMR gear rep (Barry) and fell in love. I have wanted one forever now, and my secret santa just happened to come thru for me! I now sleep with it every night!!!

Love to read this review Shannon. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre. Glad that you are enjoying it. Have a great day!!!

Amazing addition to our backpacking gear!

The hotpocket is an amazing combo stuffsack, backpacking, Mini blanket, charger, and heater all im one. It works super well on the test runs. The battery is pretty heavy for UL backpacking, but all batteries are. Can't wait to try it in the field!

Great! It sounds like you enjoy your new Hot pocket. Definitely share pictures with us when you break that Hot pocket in outdoors :)


Great stuff sack. Plenty of room for an 11 ft netted hammock to fit with room to spare

Thank you Tyler!!! Glad that you love it.

Puffle 40 - Luv Luv Luv

I love this thing. This "puffle" thing. So soft, so warm, so cozy.
Thank you SMR!

Love this review. Thank you Suzanne for buying Sierra Madre gear. Have a great day!!!

sierramadre rocks

I own almost every product they make. I have three of their hammocks. I look forward to getting out and using them more.

Wow! Thank you so much Louis for supporting Sierra Madre, looking forward to see your more adventures.

Great multiple use piece of gear.

Everything they say is as good as or better. On the down side I'm 5'10" and weigh around 210lbs. It is just to narrow to make a sleeping bag for me. Although it works great as a top quilt with a foot box.

Great! Thanks Richard for buying Sierra Madre Gear, Have a great day!!!

Very comfortable!

I haven’t got to try camping with puddle pillow yet. But I have tested it out at home. It’s very comfortable and much improved over a regular inflatable pillow. I can’t wait to try it out in the great outdoors!

We're also excited for you! Thank you Kelly have a great day!

Talon suspension

Easy to use, this is my second set, hot these for my girl friend how is now sold on hammocks. Tome to get her off the daisy chain.

Thanks Greg for choosing Sierra Madre! Love to hear your review. We're glad that you're having no hard time using it. Enjoy and have a great day!!!

You’ll see more sunsets...

52 degrees and falling at sunset on the beach and it’s like sitting next to the fireplace at home. It’s definitely a luxury but, to me, worth every penny. Indulge if you can!

Beautiful sunset! A perfect picture with your dog, Puffle, Hot Pocket under the beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing it! ❤


The 2 in 1 pillow packs down small, is lightweight and very comfortable. I will use it again on my backpacking adventures.

Awesome! Thank you Karen for buying Sierra Madre gear! Hoping to see your next adventure with your gear and have a great day!!!

Puffle 50

I didn't want to wait to use my Puffle on a camping trip. I have been sidelined with an injury to my foot and I wanted something that would keep me warm without the weight of a blanket. So I pulled it out at home. This was perfect and it kept me very warm. I used my Puffle 40 also. It was exactly what I was looking for. This is great for my pack too. It compressed well and was extremely lightweight. I have both options of the down and synthetic. I didn't notice a difference but I have a personal preference for down. I may notice this when I use it outdoors.

That's awesome Katherine! The Puffle 55 would definitely give you warmth. Love to read this review. So excited for your outdoor adventures!!! Thank you and have a great day!

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Warmth on the beach!

My hot pocket came in handy to keep warm while slurping freshly shucked oyster on the beach of Chuckanut Drive in Washington State.

Looking warmth, That's awesome! Thank you Marie, Have a great day!

Keeping me toasty whenever I need warmth!

I’m loving it so far! Used it while reading a book on the porch/deck, at work over my lap and the dogs love it, too!

Glad that you love it Catherine, especially your dog. Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear! And, enjoy reading!

Love my comfy puffle!

Comfy, light-weight! I gotta keep a good eye on it or my pups will take it away from me!

Great! Those pups would definitely gonna love it.

Toasty warm

I took my Inferno 30° out for a quick one nighter as soon as I received it. Easy to install and adjust. The temps dropped into the 20’s, but I stayed toasty all night! Winter camping in my Ninox with the Inferno is a game changer!

Wow! That's awesome and wild! Thank you for choosing Sierra Madre, James! Have a great day!!!


So compact perfect for Hicking

That's awesome Olivier! Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear, glad that you like it.

Simple and Works great

Just tried my inferno underquilt 0°F in a windy -4°C. It was warm and easy to install. Can't wait to try it in cooler temperature.
Great product!

Glad that you love it! We're excited for you. Thanks for choosing Sierra Madre Olivier!!! Have a great day!


Awesome addition to my gear.

Thanks Michael! That would be awesome for you.

Warm hands and blankets

As this purchase is going to be a Christmas gift I have not tried it out yet. That said I am hoping that the recipient gets all the use out of it that I am hoping for.

Great! Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre, Pete.

Puffle 5 in 1 camping Quilt

Started hiking the first section of AT at Springer Mountain Georgia. I have converted over to hammock camping. I had a upper quilt but not an under quilt. Needless to say my wife an I were miserable cold. I researched the internet for an under quilt. I found Sierra Madre Research under quilt that had everything I was looking for and more. I still wasn’t sure if it was that good. So I ordered one. Wow! It was everything I wanted. I liked all the options so much I orders a second one for my wife. I have been on two more hikes with the temperatures in the 50’s. It was fantastic . I guess I will have to get two more for the upper quilts. Thanks for such a great product !

That picture is awesome! Thank you Richard, glad that you like it. Hoping to see your adventures with more of Sierra Madre Gears.

No more pillow-hauling issues!

Finally an easier pillow to work with! Thank you!

Great! Thank you Brian for buying Sierra Madre gear.

Impressive and a welcome change from sleeping bags.

I like having something other than a sleeping bag, something that has a little more flexibility of use and ease of transport. Well done!

Awesome! Thank you and have a great day!!!

Best option out there

Before I bought these I was slightly skeptical. But I'm completely sold. It's easy to set up your hammock, bridge hammock, or even a tarp. Best part... Super light yet more adjustable than any other system I've seen. Thnx Sierra Madre!

Glad that you love it Cody!!! Thanks for buying Sierra Madre gear. Have a great day!