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Ninox Flat Lay

Used my Ninox backpacking a segment of the TRT and I loved it!! The attached net gave me an insect-free clear view of the stars until I was ready to roll over (belly sleeper) and sleep off the day’s hike. Lightweight, packable. Easy set up/tear down. Looking forward to more adventures! Thanks S.M.!

We're so happy to know that. Thank you for sending us your review, love these pics. Enjoy!

Grad gift

Been purchasing hammocks from SMR for years. They are the best. I love to give these as graduation gifts - they're perfect! Sometimes they start someone out hammocking for the first time & then they're hooked (or "carabined"). And the color choice has allowed me to purchase their favorite each time. :)

That's awesome to hear! Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre, Jackie. We're so glad to know that you love the Sierra Madre gear.

Perfect addition to my gear

This thing is awesome. It's versatility enables me to achieve the perfect hammock sleeping temperature. When it's warmer I can use it as an underquilt and throw a sweater on, cooler I can use it as a blanket, cold I can make it a sleeping bag and seal in my body heat. Never slept better in a hammock. Works with my ENO

So glad to hear that, John. Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre. Enjoy!

Love it!

I had been struggling with finding a compact camp pillow that was comfortable for a while. The pufflo is amazing! It packs up fairly small and is SO comfortable! I have such a great sleep with it. Highly recommend.

Great! Thank you for writing us a review. This means a lot to us. Have a great day!

Great Product!!

Camped in the mountains of Colorado and the hot pocket kept me warm. Took me a bit to figure out the controls, but after that, it was awesome.

Thank you for your time and effort to write us a review. We appreciate it so much. have a great day!

Huge fan

I always sleep a little warm so I knew I wanted to try one of these and this blew me away. It kept me warm, comfortable, and now everyone I went camping with wants one too. 10/10 would recommend.

That's great! Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre. Hoping to see more of your adventures with the Sierra Madre gear. Have a great day!

Colorful & warm

Our first time using! We usually fast pack and will soon be carrying… we Jeep camped this time. I bought two for my husband and I and they are the exact size of our Jeep mattress… who knew! So soft, color and warm! I can’t wait to put in my pack and carry! They are super light.

That's awesome to hear. Thank you for sharing this with us, Genia, we really appreciate this. Hoping to see more of your adventures. Have a great day!

Ninox Fly
John Bussman
Rain Rain Go Away

I love this product. It rained for 14 to 15 days straight this year and My girls wanted to go outside and I'm just listening to the rain so I took the time and set up the rainfly and then we proceeded to sit under the rain fly and listen to the rain. We stayed dry And when it was time to pack it all up the rainwater repelled so easily it made for such a nice easy clean up.

Glad to know that. Thank you for writing this with us, this would tell us that we're on the right track. Have a great day!

Versatile warmth

It's just as advertised.. A puffy for your body. Very versatile, snaps and adjustable shockcord closures that you can configure various ways- I was wearing it like this on a chilly mountain morning recently! As always, pack for at least 10 degrees colder than you expect!

So happy to hear that! Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear. Have a great day, ENJOY!

Light, soft and warm Puffle

Perfect for camping and travel, light, soft and warm. I bought 2 so I can click them together for a double...perfect.

Awesome! Love this review. Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre!

Usability and comfort

I really love the comfort of the puffle. I need a looser fit bag or else I feel to cramped. Being able to put two bags together to adjust temp comfort is premium which adds to the comfort. The material is some to the most comfortable material I've experienced. I would consider using it on my bed. Now the only question for me would be reliability and longevity. I'm considering another trip on the Appalachian trail.

That's so great, Samuel! Thank you for writing us a review and for the 5 star rating. Glad that you love it. Have a great day!

The Hot Pocket is an extraordinary multifunctional piece of gear. It has completely changed the way I experience comfort in the outdoors. It is a stuff sack, light pack for day hikes and a rechargeable camp heater. My family finds it useful as well: sore muscles, growing pains, menstrual cramps and hometown football games. The Hot Pocket is truly innovative! We love it.

Wow! Thank you for writing us a review, Gerald. We really appreciate that you love it. And, thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre!

Ninex hammock and winter shield

Received my double layer Ninex hammock last week and took it to Rideau River Provincial Park. Super easy set up, and I got 4 great nights of sleep. Diagonal lay results in a very flat lay and the double layer made adding my Klymit insulated pad a breeze.
Haven’t yet had a chance to use the winter shield because, you know July temps, but it looks and feels quite durable.

Great! So glad that you tried your Ninox Flatlay. Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre!

Awesome quilt

Quilt is all I thought it would be and more! Warm and comforting! Likes it so much I ordered a second one for my wife. Great for my hammock!!

Wow! So happy to hear that! Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear. Have a great day, ENJOY!

Hot Pocket to Daypack

The straps make it so much more than just a stuff sack. Very well thought out design on how to connect to the Hot Pocket.

Thank you for writing us a review, Josh, glad that you love it! Have a great day!

Nubé MK IV
David Carlson
1 week, 18 inches of rain and FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE

I just enjoyed a week at Scout Camp and I chose to sleep in my Nube’/pares.

It was the absolute right choice. I was comfortable, dry and bug free! My sleep was sound and that was through several storms. A gentle rocking of my setup and no worries of water!

I know the Nube’ was key in keeping my sleep quality high so I could be engaged all day long.

Thank you Sierra Madre!

Wow! So glad to hear that. Thank you for writing us a review with a five star rating. This let us know that we're on the right track. We really appreciate it.

Best Sleep Ever

This is a great product especially when I'm just trying to lay down even if it's just for a quick couple hour nap after work. I lay perfectly flat and sometimes I even get a better sleep with my hammock than I do my own bed. I encourage everyone and anyone who's thinking about buying the ninox hammock to get it you won't regret it.

So happy to hear that, John. We really appreciate it, thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre!


Folds up great, is super light, and keeps me warm! 10/10 recommend.

Awesome! Love this review, thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre!


This is the perfect gift for my brothers they are forever lol 😂 and playing inside mystic music

Thank you for taking time and effort to write us a review! We really appreciate it.

Nubé MK IV
Steven Barrett
Great shelter for heavy rain.

I’ve been using a simple tarp over a ridgeline until now. This Nubé shelter provides exceptional protection from wind and rain. The attached gear stash is very helpful. The only issue I’m having is the fact that the entry can take a little finesse since the rain fly is closer to the ground than I’m used to. All around great product!

Hi Steven! Thank you for your honest feedback, we do really appreciate it. Your review means a lot to us and lets us know we’re on the right track!

Enjoy the Air Camping time!

Great first impression

Full disclosure: have only used this in my backyard so far. I bought this sort of on a whim, thinking it might work as lightweight quilt for fair weather bike packing that could double as a full on sleeping bag if it got a little colder. I didn’t see a lot of reviews of this being set up with a sleeping pad, but i did a test run with it synched at the bottom, semi open at the top, with a sleeping pad slid into it, using the hammock straps to keep it all together, and it seems like it’ll work great. Not sure I’d want to rely on this for super low temps, but that’s not what it’s made for.

Second cool thing i was curious about- it fits into a sea and summit xs compression sack, which compresses down to like water bottle size.

Third cool thing-It’s actually lighter than my previous 40 quilt, which was much smaller in unpacked size.

Fourth cool thing- you can sandwich 2 together to create a 2 (maybe even 2 plus child) sleeping bag. Carrying around a 2 person sleeping bag always seemed like a nightmare, but now knowing i can split them in half and customize top quilt temp vs lower temp makes buying a second very tempting… Not sure how the bottom would keep closed though…

Last cool thing- it’s really well made/packaged. Feels like a legit product. If, like me, you were directed here via the instagram algorithm and are skeptical about quality, i dont think you need to be.

Wow! We really appreciate your effort and time writing us a review and with a five star rating. This really made my day. Thank you for letting us hear your experience with the Sierra Madre gear. So happy that you love it. Hoping to see more of your adventures. Thank you again for supporting the Sierra Madre!

Winter top shield

Ordered from Australia, arrived today, well packed and didn't take long in DHL post. The pack size is really neat, almost fits in cupped hands, maybe one if squeezing. This will complete the Ninox hammock and even if not winter camping, it will most certainly be useful in Autum / Spring, particularly up higher in the hills.

Awesome! Thank you for sending us your review with a five star rating, we appreciate it so much. ENJOY!

Love the versatility! Xplor.

I originally got the xplor for my daughter to bunk with me in my nube'. Which is great! But actually the xplor has become a take everywhere hammock. So easy to set up, very comfortable, doesn't need a bunch of room. It has and will continue to go on many adventures with my family and I.

Thank you for taking time and effort to write us a review, Becky. Love to hear it. We appreciate this so much and we're glad to know that you and your family are enjoying with the Sierra Madre Gear.

Nubé MK IV
Corinna May
Happiest Boy Scout Ever!

His smile says it all! He setup his new Nube Hammock setup on ground mode. He slept like a baby all week at Boy Scout camp. He loved being able to change within the bug net and store his backpack and shoes bug free. The setup and takedown was easy and he liked the small pockets to put each of the guide lines in. This kept everything neat and tidy. Can't wait to upgrade the rest of the family.

Awesome! Thank you for sharing this with us with a five star rating, Corinna, we appreciate it so much. Love the picture and so glad that he loves the Nubé!

Quality and functional

I just received the 20 degree puffle so have not used it yet. To hot. But have used the 55 degree puffle a bunch. Great product!

Great! So happy to hear that. Your review is very much appreciated. Thank you buying Sierra Madre gear!

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