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always warms

I am very content with your product, like all Produkts from Sierra Madre.

Great gear great price

Exactly what it says on the tin. Works great and lightweight

Hat review

Exactly as advertised. High quality replacement for several-year-old version :-). Next up: beanies (please please please)???

Kym!! I LOVE this idea. I (Maddie) am a beanie lover myself... such a great idea :)
First trip

It was Great.....—

Love this! The pictures look great!
Perfect for gear!

I love hammock camping! But never liked leaving my gear on the ground when I spend tons of money and some nice stuff to just leave it on the ground. So when they came out with the gear stash I had to buy it. It’s perfect cause it easily attaches to my flat lay hammock which is also really nice!

Thats great to hear, Jack! Happy to know you're enjoying your gear :)

These straps are what I’ve been looking for! They are made from durable material. It’s simplistic design is what makes it stand out. Did I mention they are lightweight!

So stoked to hear this, Jack! Glad you're enjoying your new suspension :)
Talon Suspension

I love how easy it is to setup my hammock with the Talon Suspension. Having the cinch buckle and carabiner all in one means not having to carry extra gear to hang. I can setup in under a minute and the ease of setting the hang height, just by adjusting the Talon.

Happy to hear you're enjoying it, John! Next goal - set up in under 30 seconds??? ;)
Comfortable and worm

I am using every day on my bed so good

Happy to hear it, Sirithum! :)
Last man standing

I finally got to really put my Pufflo to the test on a 12 day trek at Philmont Scout Ranch summer 2019. My younger sister went on this trip as her first backcountry camping trip ever. During the first few days at some point of another everyone complained about their necks from their standard but I never felt a thing from pillow pain. At about day 4 my sister said her pillow was losing air and I thought that she just meant overnight, but this was rapid. So, thanks to the 2 part design I was able to “break” my pillow in half and we were both able to have comfortable pillows. Even though it was just the inflatable portion my sister said it was still more pleasant to sleep on than her name brand camp pillow

Nathan, we're so stoked to hear it! (Im using one behind me in my office chair for back support right now haha!) Looks like you'll need to get sis a Pufflo for Christmas!

This hammock is perfect. Was better to hambunk with over the pares than the solo was. I found it to be super comfortable and I love the color.

So stoked to hear that, Michelle :) Hambunking is one of our faves!!
just use it!!!

I was skeptical at first. Mostly cause I wanted something I could wash easily. But this thing doesn't need to be washed much. Just use it. Throw it down and enjoy. I love this size over the 40. I also own the 40 and I believe they snap together too. Great blanket. Only complaint is that I can't toss it in the wash/dryer and forget about it, but that doesn't need to happen as much as I thought.

Glad you're enjoying your gear, David! :)
Comfy Camping Pillow

My friend has been raving to me about her Pufflo and how it is her favorite backpacking pillow. She had shown it to me and I felt the soft fabric and downy fluff feeling with the firm supper underneath and I was sold. I received my Pufflo last week and have not got to use it on a camping trip yet but tests it out on my bed at home and I think it is just what I have been searching for. Comfort meets support and it is just the right size for my mummy bag!

Stoked to hear you're enjoying your Pufflo! Hopefully you can take it to the wild soon :)
Super comfortable

I took it camping this week. Felt so good to put my head down on it. Great product.

Happy to hear that, Steve :)

Worked as advertised, changed the way I'll camp forever!

Happy to hear that, Max! We love bringing people over to the dark side... haha! I mean air camping side!!
My wife loves the Puffle

I bought the 55° vegan Puffle just before our fall camping season picked up. It’s been used as a blanket, under quilt and pillow so far. If we are not actively hiking, my wife is using the Puffle in some way. The warmth and versatility are amazing.

That's awesome, Nicholas!! Glad you're both enjoying it :)
Versatile and comfortable

You guys stole my idea! I have always thought that a hybrid inflatable/down pillow would be ideal, and now it exists, thank you. I can use it under my head, under my knees, fully inflated for reading, almost flat for sleeping, etc. Air bladder seems durable and the cover can be removed for cleaning - nice work.

Happy to hear that, Alex! If you got any other cool ideas, let's hear em! ;)
Perfect Nights Sleep

I had a excellent backdrop on the Manistee River in Michigan, to hang and test out the new gear. I was not disappointed. I was treated to two perfect nights of sleep, what a great product! Now I have a new piece of gear to add to my winter camp set-up, come on snow!

Looks gorgeous, Todd! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your gear!! :) Keep adventuring!
Perfect for what it does

I have the Ninox hammock and got the Nubé to compare it with the bug net and winter barrier that zip in to the Ninox, which I ended up going with, but I found myself wishing I could have both. The full enclosure for yourself and your gear with the winter barrier in place is a great feature. The tarp is a little small and makes for tight access to the zippered doors. I like how the bug net can be zipped off of one side and rolled up on the other when it’s not needed. And I wish the Ninox had a bigger and more robust gear stash below it. It was a hard decision, and I will probably get one also. Thank you SMR for your cutting edge designs and great customer service. I do hope you will soon add more people to your staff to best handle all your success! )

Hey Alex, stoked to hear you enjoy your gear! We totally understand wanting EVERYTHING - choosing can be so hard sometimes! But alas, you can never have too much gear ;)
Just Right

The gear review is just right for me to put my pack in to keep it off the ground. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but am looking forward to it.

Love to hear it, Cathy!! :)
Very well maded

This product is well maded! This went up easy, very comfortable and looks awesome!

Happy to hear that, Greg! Enjoy that oh-so-cozy Pares!! :)
Excellent sleeping gear

Very good quality of the product, very well made and (for me) the most comfortable pillow on the market!

Glad you're enjoying your Pufflo, Simon! They are SO comfy (I'm even using one as back support at my desk right now HA!) - Maddie
Really darned comfy

I used this (in my tent) within just a couple of days of receiving it and I have to say - it’s pretty darned comfy. After washing it after the trip, I’ve been using it in my couch in front of the tv! 😂 Great job, guys!

Love that you're taking advantage of the Puffle, Alexis! Keep adventuring :)
Gear stash

Nice quality and functional. I haven’t been out with it but I do foresee any problems. I expect many years of use.

D. Collins

Thanks, Darryl! Glad you're enjoying your gear stash!
I wish I’d thought of this.

This is just great. I’ve brought pillows camping before, because most camping pillows are terrible. This, however, is ingenious! The “pillow” side seamlessly blends with the “blowup” side and it’s more comfortable than any other blowup pillow that I’ve ever owned. Great job!!

Alexis, we're stoked you love the pillow! Currently using one as back support at my desk haha!

Great to double bunk in the nube or as a small option to chill on a day hike or easy overnight.