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Love my hammock and wouldn’t buy another hammock from anyone else! The quality of the hammock for the price you pay is amazing!

Great to hear you love it!! We love having you as a Sierra Madre Adventurer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
So warm and versatile!

There are so many ways to use this. My wife LOVES IT.

Love seeing this! We do love our Puffles too! Hiking, on the couch, ball games...they just go everywhere! Enjoy!

I've been Hammock Camping for quite some time and didn't really need any more gear. This is nice I am very happy. Thank you SMR!

Awesome view for some Nubé relaxation time! Love seeing where our gear goes! Thank you Mark!
Great product

This is a great product, yes it is just a long handled spork, but it is very well made and designed. Did I mention that it is extremely light weight.

Glad you like it! It is light and mighty:) Thank you for choosing Sierra Madre!
Convenient Utensil

Use it at work- Very convenient Utensil however, the bottle opener part is a little too delicate.

Thank you for the honest review!
Upcoming trip with new gear

It’s the middle of winter but visions of my upcoming summer trip to the BWCA and using my new gear keeps me going through the endless winter days and long nights. I was recently gifted the Nube shelter and the 40 degree Puffle blanket...perfect for the early summer nights that can be pretty cool in northern Minnesota. Thank you for your excellent products! I will send a review after our trip in early June!

Hi Jim! Sounds like great plans if going to BWCA! Gorgeous (and huge) area to explore! How about sending a video of you with your gear in the BWCA and we can give you some Sierra Madre credit to use for sending it? Just saying we'd love to see where your adventuring takes you to! Hope to see your video come summer! Enjoy your trip!
Still not here

It is kind of hard to give it more than a star. A month after it has shipped, the product still has not arrived.

Hi Meng! I see that Tazia is assisting you with incomplete address listed so it was not able to be delivered. We will continue to assist you with reshipping with the correct address so you can receive your order via email! Hoping we can get this to you soon!
Still not here

It is kind of hard to give it more than a star. A month after it has shipped, the product still has not arrived.

Hi Meng! I see that Tazia is assisting you with incomplete address listed so it was not able to be delivered. We will continue to assist you with reshipping with the correct address so you can receive your order via email! Hoping we can get this to you soon!
Family favorite

I purchased a puffle as a gift to myself. The little ones on the family tend to steal it and use it on the couch or on their bed at night. It didn’t take long before I ordered a second. And yes, it’s super comfy in my hammock.

Awesome to hear Robert! Happy to hear they are getting great use at your house! We know from experience, you can never have too many Puffles:)

Haven’t got it yet

Hi Patrick! Thank you for your patience while I found an update. Sometimes the International packages take a bit to pass through customs and as I verified with our shipping team, that is the case with this package. However, the good news is they feel it is now on its way to you. Here is the tracking you can follow: Please let me know if you have any further concerns! Tammy Support Team Sierra Madre
Puffle fanrastic

I got the puffle 40. I live in Canada so I struggled to figure out which between the 40 and 55 was warmer (because we use Celsius). I love it and have not put it away since I got it. Warm, dog and spill proof. I right there was an even warmer one for Canadian outdoor camping.

That Puffle looks well loved! Looks like we passed the test for comfort:) Thank you for sharing such a beautiful doggo!
Great pillow!

I got a pufflo for my wife last year and loved it. Finally decided it was time for me to have one. I’m always impressed with Sierra Madre’s quality and design.

Happy to hear you both have one now and love them!
Love these poles

I finally was able to get out for a hike with my new poles and they instantly became my new best friends. Looking forward to many adventures with them.

Love hearing that they worked out fantastically! Send us some photos of your adventures with them ~ we love seeing what everyone is doing out there!
Puffily ...

Surprisingly comfortable. Worth the extra space and weight on my through hikes.

We think it is a must for our adventures also! So comfy warm!
Nubé Starter Combo
New to hammocks.

Great system, well made, and easy to set up. Even for a nube was set up in minutes after watching a quick reference video from the smart barcodes on each item. I quickly discovered that I will be needing the winter barrier unless you are in the sunshine and very low wind Regardless of any sleeping bag you could have. UK weather mostly wet and windy no matter the season. Since I intiatially bought my 5 Season elite snugpak to be a cheaper option to the inferno underquilt and top. I will try the barrier with a insulated air pad first...The nephew is screaming at me to come along so the Xplore bunk hammock is next. May even help warm the nube being another body heating the air within. Great product quality and worth the money thanks.

Awesome to hear that this was easy to use for you being new to the hammock adventure! We know you're going to love it as much as we do!

Let us know if you have any questions on the xPlor so your next adventure can be hambunking!

Winter Camping with the ninox

Even in wintertimes we enjoy the comfort of our ninox in the woods from Swiss Alps. The pictures are taken at 1200 m.

Lucky you ~ BEAUTIFUL place to hang out and Ninox! Thank you for sharing!
Trek these anywhere around the globe!

If you are looking for the perfect item to support your exploring the world, these are it! They're portable, can be taken on planes, trains or packs and are perfect for any hiker. I'm taking these on the Camino this year! They have been indispensable on the Ice Age Trails of Northern Wisconsin. Buy these as a Christmas gift or birthday present for someone you LOVE!

Sounds like you have an awesome year of adventuring coming up! Would love to see a few pics of your adventures with the Trekkers!

This pillow is so comfortable. The blow up to the top and then slowly deflate while laying on it for the best comfort works really well. The material is super soft. I am super happy.

Thank you! Happy you love it!
Just Great

Love the color. Love how it feels. The draw strings are a little hard to sinch down. This thing has sooo many functions.

The Puffle will always be there to keep you warm! Happy to hear you are loving it as much as we do!
Great option

This is a great option to have when camping. We use ours as an add into our existing sleeping bags when we need an extra layer due to cold nights. It is a great option to have around the campfire as well.

Great to hear your Puffle's are well used and loved! We don't recommend a trip without them!

Send pics of your adventures ~ we love to see where you all are heading out to with the gear!

This is the perfect light weight camp chair for back/bikepacking. I have sat in similar chairs and they do not have the stability and solid feel of this chair. Packs down small and light for use on my bikepacking adventures. Thanks Sierra Madre for another great product!

Thanks! Love to hear from someone who has a few to compare the Air Chair to! We love to see where you are getting to adventure out to with it! Send some pics so we see where to go next!

Wonderful product. Feels like a cozy little home. My husband will use it for a meditation pod near our lake

We do love our adventures but the time just taking in the world from our hammock is so good for the soul! Nothing like a soft peaceful place to Zen for a bit and recharge! Enjoy your time by the lake!
Holds the heat in

Light weight and great for a cover up anywhere from the couch to a game. Makes a great under quilt, and too quilt wile hammocking.

Happy to see you found how versatile and needed the Puffle can be for so many times in life!
Big improvement

This is a huge upgrade from the last version of the hat. The hat fits great, and the snap back ensures a great fit.

Richard loves his hats! Glad you do too!

This Double Stuff Lite has been perfect for me and my recent broken ankle. I have been using it to carry things around the house, and love that it opens on both ends. I've always love stuff sacks, but hated that the whole thing had to be unpacked to get the one thing on the bottom. Thanks for a great design!

Great to hear it is helping you out while you heal up! Take care ~ here's hoping for a quick recovery!