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Great investment

I am new to the lightweight to comfort idea. I was also on the fence about spending $200 on a single blanket. After doing some research and a lot of back and fourth on the pro's/ con's of purchasing the puffle, I pulled the trigger and ordered one orange and one indigo. Both of which are the 40⁰ down quilts. I used them on a camping trip to Delaware, in a camper however, but never had to turn the heat on. I was also accompanied by my two husky's. I will say this, puffle+husky=heat stroke in 50⁰ weather. The following week, I was cruising around in 60⁰ weather with the top and doors off of my jeep. During the day it was fine, at night it was chilly. My wife and daughter decided to give the quilts and sinch straps a test in the jeep. 55-60mph, no doors, no top, and two very happy warm ladies. Apparently this quilt is not only comfortable and warm, but full blown windproof. This is not my testimony, but my wife's. I was left freezing and driving. But I guess that's the price you pay for fun and warm lady passengers. Thanks for a great product. Hopefully a nube will be in my near future.

Everything within reach

I am new to the hammock life and learned quickly that I like to have things at my fingertips. This organizer held my headlamp, water, and chapstick. So helpful! I found it sturdy, easy to secure and adjust. Happy customer once again! :)

Love at First Night

This thing is amazing, I've been looking for the "perfect" adventure quilt/blanket for a few years now as I travel for a living. Paired with a mummy bag liner this is the optimal ultralight travel sleep system. Haven't yet got it outside for testing in the cooler weather now, but no doubt it will perform optimally there too.



All around useful

Just finished a 10 day motorcycle/camping trip through Colorado. The puffle quilt came in handy all the time when temperatures dipped at night. I love the pack ability and high quality materials.

Amazing comfort and versatility

Used my top quilt for the first time this weekend and loved it! It is so easy to get into and out of, and even though the temperatures were insanely warm for a New York Columbus Day Weekend, the versatility of the top quilt was amazing. I bought the 0 degree bag for cooler weather, but even in warm weather it was fine, as you could just cover up a bit less. No more zippers to fight with every time I have to get into or out of the hammock. So comfortable, light, and easy - Love it!

Loved This

I loved this so much I ordered another. The Puffle rated at 55 degrees, kept me warm in 45 degree weather. I noticed how the loft created by the super light weight fabric and down deflected my rising body heat back onto me. It was amazing—it’s truly warmer than any Down blanket or comforter I’ve ever had. I ordered another for a spare!


I recently ordered the pullover with moderate expectations for it fitting my 6'8" frame. Wow, was I wrong. The jacket was lightweight, loved the zipper pockets on chest and pouch. The sleeve and jacket lengths were perfect, had enough stretch too. For lightweight pullover, it was warm and extremely comfortable. I am definitely considering the parka next!

Great product

Great product, quick shipping, very comfortable. 10/10 recommend

C'mon winter!

A Hot Pocket stuffed with a Puffle 40 could be my new best friend (once it gets cold...).

Can't wait for cooler weather.

Got my new Puffle 40. Looking forward to fall camping and sitting outside at cold marching band competitions all bundled up!

Seriously so comfy!!!!

I was so excited to get my pillow!! I didn’t have an immediate trip planned so I slept with it in my bed the night I got it and it’s SO Comfortable!!!! I love how easy it is to blow up and deflate and it’s so soft!!!!! I have had quite a few backpacking and camping pillows and this is my favorite. I also love how small it folds up into it’s cute little sack. I got one for my husband too. It’s his first camping pillow and he loves it also!!!!! Thank you for making such an amazing pillow!!!!

Awesome pillow

This is an awesome pillow that comes in a nice small sack. When inflated it does a great job of supporting my head whether it be in the tent or on a plane. Quick delivery as promised.

Great gift

Sssshe Loved It


Love it perfect just the right size convenient got to have it

It's so great reading your review, Jeffrey. Thank you for your great support to the Sierra Madre. Have a great day! :)

Seems perfect

Extremely quick to blow up. Seems very comfortable and very easy to get back in the little carry bag. Looking forward to using it on my next trip.

Awesome to hear that this was easy to use for you. We know you're going to love it as much as we do! :)

Very nice

Soft pillow

Happy you love it! We love taking it hiking, the game, the binge time on the couch....comes in handy everywhere! Enjoy!


I really like this pillow. It has its own bag and doesn't take up a lot of room. Easy to Cary and comfortable. I'll be purchasing a few more.

Awesome! Glad that you love it, Jason. Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear. :)

Camp Pillow

The mini camp pillow is awesome ! Great quality and great for backpacking ! Very comfy !

Wow! We are really impressed with your effort to send us a review. Thank you for trusting and trying the Sierra Madre Pufflo. We are glad to know that you love it. :)

Good so far

Once I received my Puffle I immediately took it outside with my hammock and set everything up. Set up is pretty simple and should be even easier and quicker I'm the future now that I know what I'm doing. Unfortunately I haven't been able to give it a full blown test yet because it's too hot but the cool weather is on its way.

Great to hear that Braden! Sounds like the Puffle will get to see a lot of time out and about.
We love seeing where everyone goes so feel free to send pics. It's the best way for us to know where we should try to go to next:)


I haven’t had a chance to use the Puffle and Hotpocket while camping yet. I did try them out on a colder than normal night while we were star watching out in my fresh cut hay field. My friend got cold, so I pulled out the hot pocket and puffed out. She was amazed at how well it works, so was I. Now I can’t wait to go camping when it really gets cold. So happy with all of your products!

Great to hear the gear worked as needed. Looks like a whole new comfortable world of adventuring ahead! Have fun! :)

Surprisingly nice

Purchased this using the Facebook ad that popped up one day. Yeah they’re usually just weird ads but for the heck of it I got one. It arrived quickly and to be honest it’s much better than expected! You can change how firm it is depending on how inflated it is which is nice. Size is good and packs very small. Definitely worth giving a shot!

Awesome! Glad that you love it. Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear.

I like

Pulled one out to try. Super light and comfortable.

Glad that you like it. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write us a review, Terry. It means so much to us. :)

Well made. Warm and versatile!

We really appreciate your effort and time to write us a review. Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear. :)

Super Small

Never bothered with a pillow but saw how small this one was so I decided to give it a try. Pillow is super small and easy to pack. Blows up really quick and fits easily back in its case. Would get again.

Love hearing you tried it. We're glad that you found this to be easy and lightweight to set up. Thank you for your support of Sierra Madre. :)

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