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Ninox Double lawyer Hammock

I love my new hammock, The quality is impeccable i’m a i’m a little on the heavier side so the double layers really nice and I can put a sleeping pad between the fabrics if I want to. It makes it very convenient and it’s so easy to put up and take down that’s a big plus in my book! I plan on purchasing a lot more gear from Sierra Madre. And I love the fact that they give back to people in need of clean drinking water!

Thank you, Leslie, for sharing this with us. Love the pics.

Best camping pillow out of them all

Yes I've tried outdoors vitals climate and Sierra Madre and hands down Sierra Madre won no competition not only is it soft but it is incredibly comfortable and honestly made from the best material I've had the pleasure of experiencing with an outdoors pillow makes an amazing seat cushion as well so if you're looking for a great outdoors pillow definitely go with this one

Wow! So happy to know that. Thank you for Supporting the Sierra Madre.

Great product.

I bought the ninox flat lay hammock double layered with the ninox rain fly and all I have to say is that this product is of exceptional quality. It’s super easy and straight forward to set up and I can’t wait to try it in various conditions.

Wow! Thank you for sharing this to us Frederick, so glad that you love it. Hope you Enjoy your new Ninox flat lay hammock double layered with the Ninox rain fly. Have a great day!

very small and light, easy to use

I have the pillow without the cover. It is extremely lightweight with a nice very small bag. So easy to toss in any backpack. Makes sleeping or hanging out in a hammock much more comfortable. Held air all night.

Great! We're glad to hear that. Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear!

The bomb

Have not had a chance to try this out doors , but I live off grid, so I used it as a heating pad for my lower back and it rocked!!. Thanks again great product!

Great! Thank you for writing a review to us. hopefully you can try it out doors. Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear. Enjoy!

Quick easy to pitch even fits in the niloxDL stuff sack and there are only 2(two) poles

Now where did I put those tent spikes.....

Great! Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre.

Just enough warmth

So I got the medium size and was surprised that it would be heavier because your thinking heating pad, but it’s super light. I tested at home on a cold day and it kept that area warm. I can see when I get to use it in the hammock it will feel great. I so can’t wait to test the battery length for. Now the cons. Being a new product I can see the price to be high, but I was a little Hesitant to buying it. But we will see if I got my monies worth on next cold hammock hang. I would have like to have been able to get the larger battery pack, but I hope down the road I will. The last thing I was sure if you are taking this on a back packing trip can you pack it with out damaging the heating elements? Will have to see later on how Rugged it will be.

Good to know that you like it, Lonnie. Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear. Yes, the Hot Pocket is Packable.

Excited again for low temps!!!

I'm loving my Ember. We just dipped back into the 30/40's in upstate NY so not quite cold enough for the battery pack but the Ember is so comfortable. I checked that the electronics work and it starts to heat, but we're thick blooded up here.

The fit is great. 3XL on my 6'2" 300lb frame is great, room to layer and sleeves are nice and long. Any shorter and the thumb holes wouldn't work. I've been playing with this...pocket in my sleeve hole. I thought it was a miss-sow until I actually looked at it yesterday and saw a snap....and POW!!! Finger Shields!!!! I guess that's what they're call...Great, light-weight solution for outdoor adventuring.

If my group gets up to Algonquin this summer, this is a must carry!

Thank you for sending this review to us, Josh. We really appreciate it. Glad that you love your Ember.

Fits well and WARM

I have worn my ember now 3 times, once to golf on a cold morning, once to dinner on an outdoor patio in the wind, and once to hang out outdoors during my daughter’s dance competition from 6-11 pm. The jacket is breathable and not to restrictive, but also very warm with the battery pack. It lasted the whole evening and stayed comfy with retained heat even when the heat wasn’t actively on. I was worried about the bulk of the battery pack and while it’s noticeable it’s no more obvious than having a cell phone in your pocket.
If it was very cold out I would enjoy small heat panels in the lower arms.

Great! So glad to know that it last the warm and you definitely loving it. Thank you, Shauna.


Light, compact, comfortable and a day hike essential!

Thank you, John. so glad to see those pics, love it!

Minix system

I started with the Ninox double then added the fly and 2 40° puddles and a puffalo. Great craftsman ship, easy to hang and adjust. I really enjoy being able to lay on my side and some on my stomach. I just wish I had bought the entire system instead of in pieces. May add the winter shield next. Only complaint is it would be nice to call and discuss products before buying them

Wow! Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre, Steve. You can freely ask us regarding the product if you want specially on FB. So glad that you love your Sierra Madre gear.

Ninox at Sunset

Love my new Ninox! Still getting use to it and trying new ways to use it. Tried inserting an Xplore hammock inside for hambunking... eh, not the best results but also probably outside the design intent. Set up under the pine at sunset and loved the results! I have half a dozen other brand hammocks (which I love) but what sets the Ninox apart is the flat lay design, perfect hang cross strap, and the fitted bug net! Can’t wait to try some of SMRs additional gear on colder evenings!

Wow! We're so glad to hear that. Thank you for supporting and trusting the Sierra Madre. Love the pictures.

Great product as always!

The quality I have come to expect from SMR. Warm and comfortable...only negative is that my wife and daughter decided they needed one!

Wow! You should definitely get 2 for them haha. Thank you for writing us your review, John. Glad that you love it.

Just the job !

The air table is just what we needed !
Super light but also sturdy.
Great quality. Good price.
Very happy !

Glad that you love it Alan. Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre!

Versatile light weight camping table

The best choice for functionality of your outdoor and camping activities. Sturdy strong and over all a must have with your gear! Absolutely love it!

Wow! Thank you for sharing this to us. We appreciate it and we're glad that you love it.

Keeps My Momma Warm

I had small family gatherings in my garage during Covid and this blanket was great for knocking the chill off

Great! Happy to know that. Thank you for sharing this to us.

I'm very happy with this pillow. I've been searching for the perfect pillow for hiking and backpacking for years and have tried at least 10 pillows. I have neck issues and no other seems to compare. I love the combination of memory foam and inflation to give it the perfect loft. Will be purchasing another in the future

Wow! Glad that you love it. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre, marc. We'll be waiting for your another purchase. Thank you!

Great little pack!

Been using it as I backpack in Oregon and it’ll charge my phone up to about 50% which always helps! It charges the phone super quick but takes a few hours with the solar base and one link to charge the pack itself

So glad that it charge your phone well. Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre, Critter.

Wouldn’t camp without it!

I recently bought the 0 degree under quilt to pair with my 20 degree puffelo blanket because I was headed to Deadwood, Oregon where the nights get down below freezing 🥶 It was the best decision, the underquilt was a tad confusing at first because I’m using a ENO hammock with it but it’s worked amazing thus far, the coldest I’ve slept out is probably 28 degrees and I’ve been mighty toasty 👌🏻 This is my first recommendation to anyone who likes camping in the cold!

Wow! Thank you for sending us you review. So glad that you love it.


Hi. I was really surprised when I got it a tried it for the first time I really liked it. Took a min. together use to the weight of the battery. I found that the small batt. is much more comfortable than the large one

Awesome! So glad that you like it for the first time and you'll gonna love it for many times. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre! Have a great day!


Great product! Great for backpacking, camping or just everyday travel! Compact, lightweight!

Awesome! So glad to hear that. Thank you. Love the pic.

An Exceptional Blanket

When I first received my Puffle, I was very excited to try it out as soon as I could. I picked a cold night and used it as an underquilt on my camping hammock. With the Puffle and a sleeping bag, I was able to stay warm enough in 28-degree Fahrenheit weather. It was cold, sure, but I've been much, much colder on warmer nights than that without the Puffle. Now, I snap it together and wear it around the house whenever I'm chilly. I keep it on my bed each night. It's warm, it's soft, it's really an exceptional blanket.

So glad that you love it. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre, Frank.

Hot Pocket

Used it to keep extra warm at the ski after party... it was so cold out and it kept me toasty!

Great! So glad that it helps you get warm. Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre!

Temperature Challenge

Good morning everyone. .Im in Lima Montana Boon docking at a rest stop in my Jeep known as Krypton. I just woke up here this morning in my Jeep with only my Pufflo over me. It’s six am and my inside temperature under my pufflo is 73..9 degrees Fahrenheit as the picture shows., while tempter in my jeeps is, 18.6. I couldn’t be happier than I am right now. This quilt is sufficient for It’s 20 degree rating. I slept warm all night and I woke up warm. It is a magnificent addition to my Jeep Krypton and my over all comfort. Thank you Sierra Madre for this awesome Quilt.

Wow! That's awesome, thank you for sharing this to us. We're always doing it the best for you to experience the best with the Sierra Madre gear.

Versatile! Perfect for Travel

Lightweight. Durable. Multifunctional. Packs down small. I'm getting more of these and stashing them all over.

This is great! So happy to read this review. Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre, Rebecca!

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