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Fortress in the sky.
Air Camping at its best! Happy to hear you are enjoying the Nubé Shelter!
Very nice.
Easy peasy - just how we like our gear to be!
Easy peasy.
Awesome to hear it is as easy as we had hoped it would be! We want the gear to go up quick and get you to the best parts of adventuring and relaxing!
Love it.
You have quite the awesome gear set up to have a great Spring and Summer adventuring! Enjoy!
You Thought of it All!
Your review made our day as you have discovered the versatility we were hoping for! Hope you enjoy many adventures with the gear and the kids!
Cozy cool weather hammocking!
Love seeing that you are getting out and staying comfy in the chillier nights! Thanks for the review!
Great to hear Dale! We do love how easy the set is to take anywhere needed too! Enjoy!
Carbon trekkers
We love seeing your review! May you get many miles with the Carbon Trekkers!
Very easy to use, love the adjustability
Great to hear they are making life easier as you are out adventuring!
Amazing trekking poles
Happy they finally delivered the Carbon Trekkers so you could start on your adventuring with them! Enjoy the time outside in places where no one else goes right now:)
Hi Lon! Please contact us at if you feel there was an error or issue with your order. We are always here to help!
Like a dream
Beautiful place to hang for awhile! Enjoy!
Yes - they are specifically needed for some parks when hammocking. Enjoy the spring/summer hikes!
EZ Slings
Nice to see the where our gear is getting out and about! Enjoy!
Hi Blaine! I have emailed you to discuss the vibration issue so we can see what is happening! looking forward to seeing what is going on for you. Tammy
Great hammock. Useless straps.
Great to hear your gear is getting good use! If you ever need to take outside, we have wider straps and suspensions to use!
Lives up to its name!
Yes...comfy sleeping on those chilly nights!
So far seems great
Great to hear! Hope you find many adventures ahead this spring and summer!
Love this suspension!
Awesome to hear Keith! We want you to set up quick and get to the good stuff of enjoying the time in the gear!
Bought one for the whole family
Yeah...they are comfy. We get why everyone would want their own:)
storage system
Happy to see they are helping keep the gear organized for you! Hope there are many adventures ahead for you!
Hi Blaine! We can't wait for you to get out and adventure with your new gear. We will always be here for any questions! Enjoy!
Some of my favorite camping gear of all time
Awesome to see! Happy you love it! Let us know if you have any questions or need anything while finding the gear for your family! Always here to help out!
Works well with The Nube Hamic shelter
Hambunking at its best with the kids! Enjoy!
Inferno 30 degree & Gear Stash
Thank you for your review Jonathan! Please contact us if you have any concerns with the Inferno so we can address them for you! We have a Gear Guarantee so don't hesitate to let us know if we can help with anything!