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Very Cozy!!

I purchased the Puffle 20 degrees quilt. As I was using the Puffle while sitting on the couch one cold evening, I was fast asleep. It was so soft and warm during cold nights.
I used it when I went camping over the weekend. It kept me so warm, better than my old mummy sleeping bag. I have more room to move than the mummy as it was so restrictive.

Thanks for sending us a review with a 5-star rating, Sheri! We greatly appreciate it. Thanks for supporting the Sierra Madre products! :)

Glad I ditched the cheap camp pillows for this gem!

I was honestly hesitant to buy this initially because I didn't feel like I needed a premium pillow to camp. I previously bought the XL Air Pad and was so blown away by the quality of sleep it gave me that I though why not? And I am glad I did! This is such a huge difference from the $15 Ozark Trail pillow I was using before that when I gave it to my wife to try out she wanted one too! I need a firm mattress and pillow set to sleep, the simple cloth pillow wasn't cutting it. But the combination air pillow with the padded outer pillow let me adjust to my comfort. I used inflatable pillows before and they were awful. I feel this pillow is head and shoulders above the rest! Ordered another one in indigo for the missis! YouTube video placeholder

Thanks for this 5-star rating review, Paolo. Such kind of positive feedback fuels us to do more for Wildings. We appreciate your support! :)

Cool Little Camping Pillow With A Comfort Cover Option!

The Pufflo UL Insert Pillow is a cool little camping pillow with a Comfort Cover option to convert it into the Pufflo+.

It stores in a small stuff sack, so it's very compact when not in use, and it won't take up much room in your backpack.

I like to inflate the Pufflo with a sack inflator that I use for my air-filled sleeping mat. It keeps the inside of things hygienic that way, but you can also breath into the Pufflo to inflate it.

As mentioned, the Pufflo UL Insert combines with the Pufflo Cover to create the Pufflo+, for an even more comfortable pillow, and there are several different Cover color options to choose from.

All in all, this is a cool little camping pillow from Sierra Madre Research, and is quality gear like everything else they make!

Love this review and the awesome photo, David! We appreciate the time and effort you've taken to send us a 5-star rating review. Thanks for supporting Sierra Madre!

Great Addition to Cold Weather Prep

I bought this for my wife. She's a terrible cold weather camper. It's actually her Mother's day gift so she hasn't used it yet. I did turn it on to test and used the power bank to charge devices last weekend. It's very compact and the dual use as a stuff sack will be awesome.

That's great! We appreciate the time and effort you've taken to write us a review. Thank you for buying our Hot Pocket as a gift to your wife. Hope she'll love it.

Best camping blanket iv ever used!

I use the 55 degree synthetic puffle for a under quilt and the 55 down for a top quilt. It's a amazing combination for cool nights and there are so many ways to easily use them. My favorite camping blanket by far!!!

Thanks for sending us this fantastic review, Aaron! This means the world to us. Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre products.


My husband bought me a Puffle last year to snuggle in during those early morning hours when I am awake and reading in the living room. He kept saying that one day he was going to get himself one, so I surprised him for his 75th birthday with a 20 degree, Down Puffle! He was so happy and surprised (which is hard to do!). He is a fisherman and does night fishing, so I don’t think he’ll ever spend a cold night on the boat again :)

That is so sweet, Mary! We greatly appreciate that you consider our Puffle a surprise birthday gift to your husband. This 5-star review means the world to us. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre products. :)

2o degree down puffle

Its so warm ive often thought of replacing my bed comforter with it, if it were only a little bigger. That aside
I love using it everywhere!

Thank you, Troy, for this 5-star review. So glad that you love your Puffle. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre! :)

Cool pack, does what's expected. I've used it several times already, so far we're good


Thanks for the 5-star review, Guadalupe! We greatly appreciate it. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre!

Civilian woobie

This is comfy. The baffles on the ends are🔥. I have used my poncho liner (woobie) and a snug pack blanket in the military and wish I had this! Good quality, plush for its rating. Recommend 👍

Thanks for this review with a 5-star rating, Kyle. This means the world to us. We appreciate your support of the Sierra Madre gear! :)

Great system for Canadian Bikepacking hammock set up

I went all out with the double layer Flat-lay hammock, Ninox fly with pole kit, Winter top shield, and Down Puffle for an underquilt. We go out camping mostly in the winter with temps that get down to -20 to -30c. The Puffle underquilt, double layer hammock with a closed cell foamy shoved in between the layers and the winter top shield, I stay very cozy with just a -10c bag. The pole kit is awesome and makes a nice hybrid (hammock/tent life) set up. Super stoked! Now I just need another Puffle!

Thanks for taking the time and effort to write us this excellent review, Chris! Your setup was perfect. Photos are great. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre products!

Absolutely Love!!!

So I immediately got out the puffle and puflo pillow and laid it all on my bed. I literally just laid there for a little bit after work because it was all so comfy. I've also already used it camping and it kept me really warm through the night and I liked how I could leave parts un-snapped so it was less restrictive. My husband really wants one now, too!! Lastly, the pillow is really easy to use and it all packs down really small so I carry it to a lot of different places now just in case and it makes it so easy.

Glad that you love our products, Alyssa! We are so grateful for your review. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre! :)

Fits all my needs

I've used this suspension system on many camping trips. It is super easy to use and highly adjustable for that perfect hang. My first set fell out of my pack while I was hiking a mountain and I immediately bought a second set. They are the best suspension systems I've used with my hammock.

Snug, bug, all that stuff.

Finally got to use my Puffle this weekend. During the night storms went through and the temperature dropped for the high 70s to low 50’s. I didn’t even notice until I got out of my hammock. So warm. So comfortable. Probably the best night of sleep in a hammock.

Thanks for sharing your experience with your Puffle, Robb. This means the world to us. It fuels us to do more for our Wildlings like you. We appreciate your support! :)

Most comfortable camp pillow I have ever used!!!

I love the soft feel and how easy it is to adjust to your liking. You can't go wrong with the Pufflo+!!!

Glad that you love it. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write us a review, Aaron. It means so much to us. :)

First look

So I purchased a 55F down Puffle for summer hikes. I haven't had a chance to sleep with it outside on a hike just yet because of the cold weather but I did sleep with it as a quilt for 3 nights, inside, on an air mattress. Feels super light, soft to the touch and warm!

Thanks for this great review with a 5-star rating, Bryan. It means the world to us. We appreciate your support!

Love This Jacket

This jacket is great, especially at the sale price! I wore it on the AT on Easter Monday for 9.2 miles at 38 degrees and I was fine with just a long underwear top! Then I wore it in a snow squall on Tuesday in NE PA and it shed the snow very well....It's warm and vented in all the right places...I recommend all the Sierra Madre products that I've purchased or been give as a birthday or Christmas gift...

Thanks for this fantastic review, Joseph. Love the photo, too. It means the world to us. We appreciate your support!

Your Go To Bed When Your Bed is Unavailable!

I am new to backpacking and spent the better part of three months researching sleep systems for my needs. My honest choices where between the Ecotek Hybern8 and the Nemo Tensor pad but was dissatisfied with the short comings of both, one is really expensive and the other seems like it is low quality. I saw the Sierra Madre Research XL Air Pad as a good compromise of both price and performance and not feeling as confident as I should have I ordered it. I was blown away with the quality of the material and construction, how warm it was and the size fit. Most pads are 74 inches (my exact height!) but this pad has ample space for a tall person. I have since used it for backpacking, RV'ing and even at home when I needed to sleep away from others while I was sick and it has kept me comfortable every time. It has become more than just an inflatable mattress pad to sleep in the woods, it is my go to bed when I can't use my bed. I love the design of the one way valve, how small it packs down too, the included pump sack to aid in inflation (especially when its cold out, you don't want to fill it with moister from your lungs!). I slept warm on it during a 34 degree F camp out. SMR is know for their hammocks (at least from the reviews I have seen) but I highly recommend this pad to backpackers looking for a warm (rated R-value 5.0) reliable pad that wont take up much space, especially those ready to drop big money on backcountry or REI Co-Op for a Thermarest or Nemo pad. This pad has what it takes to go head to head in comfort, weight and reliability without taking a huge bite out of your pocket book. I can confidently take this on any adventure! YouTube video placeholder

Thank you for sending us this review with a 5-star rating, Paolo! We greatly appreciate it. Thank you for supporting the Sierra Madre product.

Great product

It arrived fast and it is very comfortable .

Thanks for this 5-star rating review, David! It is greatly appreciated. Thank you for trusting Sierra Madre!

Great pillow.

Glad I purchased the Pufflo pillow topper. It’s soft and with the pillow it can be adjusted to your comfort, whether that be soft or firm. No complaints here. Will be buying another soon.

Thanks for the 5-star rating, Robert. It means the world to us. We appreciate your support!


I bought the 20 and 55 in order to be covered for higher and lower temperatures. When camping over Easter weekend with my teenaged son and preschool-aged daughter, I snapped them together at night; put the 20 on the bottom when it turned out our camping mat didn’t hold air; and layered an opened down sleeping bag under the 55 for my daughter and I. We were toasty all night.

During the day I separated them and one day while my son babysat I went exploring, leaving the 55 for my daughter’s hammock use, and taking the 20 with me as part of my 10 essentials. I only ended up using it as padding when I lounged on some riverscaped boulders with a drink and a good book!

I’m impressed by the softness of the fabric, even though it’s a little swishy-sounding; the warmth of the 20 in particular; the difference the ability to cinch at the shoulders makes. Now I’m hoping to Nube goes on sale someday!

Thanks for taking the time and effort to write us a review with a 5-star rating, Cate. We greatly appreciate it. Love the photos, too. So glad to hear about your wonderful experience with your Puffles. Thank you for your support!

Sleep comfortable

This is the only camp pillow I’ll ever buy. It’s compact adjustable modular and works with any way you like to sleep

Thanks for sending us a 5-star review, Jason. This is greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre!

Great night sleep

I’ve tried many inflatable pillows as well as small camp style pillows few stand up to what they say they do most uncomfortable or adjustable this is nothing like the others you can have the regular inflatable bass or add an extremely comfortable fluffy top to it and adjusted to any way you sleep amazing and I would recommend it to anyone

Thanks for taking the time to write us a review with a 5-star rating, Jason. Glad that you found us. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre gear!

Puffalo camp pillow

Love it! No more waded up sweatshirts for a pillow! Light weight and barely takes any space in my pack

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating, Mark! Glad to know that you love your pillow. Thank you for trusting Sierra Madre!

Best Gear ever

Received my pillow and used it two nights in my ninnox flat lay. Slept like a baby. My son Saw it and now we have two.

Thank you for the 5-star rating, Darren! It means a lot to us. We are thankful for your support!

Best pillow ever

Seriously the best pillow ever. I'm planning a thru hike of the Ice Age Trail this summer and needed a pillow. I already own a Puffle and it's awesome. So I got a Pufflo. I used the night it arrived. The best nights sleep ever! I've been using it every night since. I ordered a second one for my hike and the original is my every night pillow. After so many years of trying to find a decent pillow to use, this one is it!! I can't wait to use it on my 1200+ adventure!!

We are so grateful for your 5-star review, Joe! This is greatly appreciated. Glad that you found us. Thank you for trusting Sierra Madre!

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