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Little bag, many uses

What can you say about a stuff sack aside from the obvious? It is a sack whereby stuff is to be stuffed.
The quality of the stitching and materials are top notch. They hold a deceptive amount for the size (the square panel of fabric in the bottom helps here). These are so lightweight and fold down so small you can easily forget you have it on you until you are wondering where to put your dirty shoes in the pack without getting sand all up in your ranger rolled boxer briefs.

First Big Hammock

As a newbie to hammock camping I don't have much experience to rate hammocks by. My first hammock was a 9'-6" low budget hammock given to me as a gag gift on my retirement. I have actually slept 4 nights in it and, although it seemed comfortable enough I have yet to get a good nights sleep in it. Maybe because I am 6'-3" and could not get a good diagonal lay. I decided on the Pares because of the size thinking that might be the solution. I did a quick back yard test and, at first, I was underwhelmed, but after fiddling with an adjustable ridgeline I think I found the sweet spot. When I got back in it I got that feeling that I hear often expressed by youtube reviewers when they say, "This feels too good to get out." Unfortunately an approaching rainstorm forced me to and it has rained for the last week so I haven't had the opportunity to try sleep in it. I am impressed with the material and build quality and the nice extra touches like the sewn-in handles and D-clips. I am planning an overnight Bartram Trail hike in a couple of weeks and feel confident that this time I will have no problems sleeping in the Pares. If I do I will let you know.

Haven't had the puffle out in the wild yet, only had it in the sofa. It feels nice and I think it will keep me warm enough next month when I'm going on a hike for a couple of days. I do have one concern though: I've already fellt that the stuffing has pushed together in some areas and that thera are some areas that are without stuffing now. Would be sad if with time all the stuffing ended upp in the bottom.

Hi Ivar - if the insulation moves around on you a bit no worries, you can shift it back to where you'd like it to be. Also, if you place it in the dryer with tennis balls (NO HEAT) it should help disperse the insulation for you :) Let us know if we can help with anything!
Great design!

I had the opportunity to take my new Nebue on the Superior Hiking Trail for 3 days. What a great design! Very easy to setup, and you don’t feel confined when you’re inside, unlike other bug nets. The gear storage for your pack is perfect!

I received the hat fast and packaged well. It seems to be a great hat, I had to settle for this one while the sunset trucker hat was sold out :/ but am looking forward to giving it a shot.

Stuff Lite

Great bag! Was surprised to see how well built and sturdy it is. All aspects of this bag are over built. Recommend over any stuff sack I have ever purchased.

Sweat threads

So great shirt! well built, excellent fit, fantastic material 60/40 blend. I stand with companies that stand for more than capitalism. Recommend the shirt for a gift. Get some before they change the design!

Great Hammock Pillow

Just ordered this pillow for an upcoming camping trip at the beach. It worked out great. It’s adjustable firmness is awesome, it’s incredibly soft (I found it frequently in my older son’s hammock), and it’s the perfect size for our hammocks.

Great strap extenders

Needed strap extenders for some big trees in the pacific northwest, these worked like I needed them to. They fit a huge tree and I mean big tree and hooked right into my ez slings and still gave me that great angle for my hammock.


Love the quality of the straps, I do wish the strap part that hugs the tree was a little longer to accommodate larger trees.

So comfy

The Pares is my first big hammock ( bigger than 9’5”). I have my Pares set up in my garage at the moment. I sit in it while I let my dog out and most of the time I wake up hrs later. Def excited to have switched to air camping since I struggle sleeping in a tent. Lastly the doggo and I can fit and not feel squished!

Can't Wait

I have only had a chance to set it up in the back yard. But my best friend and some other buddy are going camping over the Memorial Day weekend. With setting it up in the yard it is amazing. It has all the attachments you could ever need. This set up will work for anyone. It is very user friendly, you will have no trouble setting it up or taking it down. Best investment.

Great setup!

Very easy to setup! Love that they still have the double doors like on the shield. Spacious! The two small tent poles are a little difficult to insert on one side. (I think the stitching might be very slightly off making it difficult for installing the one pole). But seems sturdy and I can always stitch it up if the pole actually pops the stitching. Otherwise, clever design! Nice to have as back up if there isn’t a way to hang my hammock.

Great shelter system! Very versatile

The space inside the full setup is fantastic! Soooo much room! I love that I can remove the bug net or rain fly. Easy to setup. The rain fly material seems very thin for true waterproofing. I haven’t tried it out yet in the wild wilderness (only my backyard) but I am excited to use it!


Absolutely LOVE the puffle and the pufflo! I use them both all of the time. I take A train to work everyday and since using the Pufflo as support, my back feels amazing! Would definitely recommend to all friends and family!

These are awesome!

I got my stratos starter kit because I wanted a high quality hammock to replace my less nice hammock and I also wanted a way to keep out of the rain and to keep the bugs off me since the bugs love to attack me when I’m try to enjoy the outdoors. This system is wicked easy to set up and take down and the fact that it’s modular is awesome and adds a definite cool factor! If you’re looking for an all in one system for warmer weather (because this doesn’t come with the inferno system) it’s amazing and you won’t regret your purchase!

SMR Pares is the go to hammock

I recently bought the SMR Pares Chivey Green Hammock, and I love it! The material is of much better quality and softer than other hammocks on the market. I love the color combination and it is super comfy with that huge size. My hammock friends are super jealous and will be purchasing the Pares as their next hammock. The handles are super awesome to help you get that perfect position. I will definitely be trying out more SMR gear.

Pares, Solo, and Explorer hammocks

I have purchased the Pares, solo and explorer hammocks and I have been extremely pleased with them all. They are comfortable, easily packable, and of the finest quality materials. They are used often and look and perform like they are brand new. I’d recommend this product to everyone.

Great hybrid pillow!

I took the pufflo with me hiking to Maine Huts and Trails. It took up a bit more space in my pack than I would’ve liked (about 3x larger than an inflatable pillow) but for me the comfort level outweighs the larger packed size. I can not sleep well on an inflatable. The cushion was very comfortable and it’s nice to inflate to your desired firmness. I will definitely be using this for upcoming trips.

Stuff lite

As described. Light weight varied colors. They serve the purpose they were bought for. Well priced.


Great hamock. It's like laying on a cloud.


I wear this shirt as much as possible. Love your product

Absolutely amazing

Quite easy to set up it's put together very very well you can tell they have taken a lot of pride in their work I can't wait to see what they come up with next and I will definitely be returning to buy more

I love the fact that it's light and easy to put up put together very well

Love how you can adjust it for the support you need