Inferno MK II System


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Slept outside the first night I got the under quilt (30 degree), in my ninox of course! Went to sleep and the temps was in the mid 30's and was comfortable. I'm a cold sleeper and I am always skeptical of ratings but throughout the night the temp dropped below freezing at around 28 degrees and I was surprisingly still comfortable. Then it started to dip into the low 20's and then I started to get cold so I went back in the house. I was only in baselayers so if I had properly layered or had the ember ;) I would've been comfy well into the low 20's.

10/10 would sleep in again

Thanks for sharing your test run! We knew you would find it comfy for sleeping! Yes, the Ember would keep you out there all night and we hope we can get that into adventuring hands soon!

First off, I received this on a night I ran out of kindling for my fire. I live in a cabin in Maine and figured I’d give it a shot indoors. I do have another heating system but I kept that low. I was nice and toasty! I got this for work (I’m a stagehand and sleep under the stage). I love how it’s compact and leaves more room for my car.

Comfy inside and out

On cool nights the inferno top with it’s super soft fabric is a pleasure to lay in inside sitting in an easy chair.

Love the Warmth

I love my Inferno. I got mine last year just in time for our trip to Pigeon Forge for Thanksgiving. Though our family had a cabin, I brought all my Sierra Madre gear and camped out. It was so relaxing and peaceful. I really got to put the Inferno to the test. The coldest it got was the upper 20s and I was completed comfortably the whole night. My head got a little too warm at one point and suck it out and used the hood part as a pillow. On a side note, my heater in my house has been broke and don’t have a spare money to get it fixed. I’ve been slipping in my Inferno in bed and loving it. It’s very comfortable.

Zero degree Inferno system A+

I have used my zero degree Inferno system now for 2 years winter camping and it has kept me toasty warm. I have most of your gear and have been able to get in on two of your kickstarter programs. I am patiently waiting for my Ninox and fly to arrive.