Emergency Sleeping Bag
Emergency Sleeping Bag

Emergency Sleeping Bag

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Sleep Safe, Stay Prepared


Emergency Sleeping Bag For Every Adventure

This Emergency Sleeping Bag can be used for camping, hiking, mountaineering, jungle traversal, and river exploration. This can be used to cover your body, prevent sudden decline in body temperature after accident. Its versatility allows for use as ground cover, providing protection against the cold and ensuring warmth. This is definitely a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts.

Your Ultimate All-in-One Emergency Sleeping Bag

Stay warm and safe in extreme conditions. By reflecting and preserving 90% of the body heat of a survival victim, they provide compact insulation. The vibrant orange color of the waterproof emergency sleeping bag aids rescuers in quick identification. This emergency sleeping bag can be applied for emergency use after an accident. Wrapping the body in it can prevent a sudden drop in body temperature.

Emergency Sleeping Bag Benefits

Lightweight and compact

The emergency sleeping bag is both lightweight and compact, so you don't add extra weight and it will not take up space, making it an ideal survival gear item.


Camping comfort, without sacrificing adventure.


All of the nitty gritty details that went into creating the Emergency Sleeping Bag.

What's Included

1 Emergency Sleeping Bag with stuff sack


PET, PET Mylar

0.12 kg (0.26 lbs)

Length: 7ft (84in)

Width: 3ft (36in)

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