Carbon Trekkers


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Swing great in the hand

Perfect balance of light weight and decent quality feel. I found them quick and easy to set up and adjust. Not sure about the BE BRAVE written on the straps - looks a bit tacky, but those straps feel super soft on the wrist. Blue locking lever looks sweet. I'm really liking these!

Love em

Just arrived in the mail two days ago. Lightweight and compact as advertised. Grips feel nice and adjustment was easy once I figured out how to extend them and lock the lower half. The only thing that would make it better would be a how to video QR code on a strap tag. There is a little pin that pops out once you extend them fully, which locks them. I did not know that and spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to extend and lock the lower half. Otherwise great product. Can’t wait to get out and try them.

Perfect addition to the family.

They fit snug on the side of my pack. There when I need the assistance. Great addition from a brand I trust.

Lightweight, adjustable, packable and strong

SMR's trekking poles are an outstanding first effort. What keeps it from being a 5 is a few minor things like having to adjust the knot inside the mechanism as the pole wouldn't lock out initially. It's more like a 4.5/5; once adjusted, overall form, fit, and functiond is excellent. I would prefer a sustainably sourced cork handle versus the synthetic rubber/foam material and a ridge below where your hand is on the pole so the hand has some tactile feel. Get rid of the plastic packaging too!
When you can be that picky on a new product it says a lot about all the things that were done right. Definitely recommend.

two small sticks for the hole world

one great thing more from sierra madre. I am happy with this