Nubé Hammock Shelter


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(Please Note: Nubé mk iii is not compatible with Nubé Winter Barrier or Nubé Floor, ONLY Nubé mk ii and mk i are compatible with these accessories. If you would like to add a Winter Barrier to your Nubé mk iii please add this, it is compatible.)

The Nubé™ has pioneered a new way to experience camp! No longer are you bound to the ground or soaking under a leaky tarp! The Nubé offers complete rain protection, insect protection, and a place to store your gear so it's protected and accessible! The Nubé gives you room to stretch out in your hammock, with up to 200lbs stored in the Gear Stash below you.The Nubé's Closure Sleeves seal around your suspension lines, keeping rain out and your hammock ends protected! The Nubé covers such a large area, you have more than enough room to stand up, change, cook, and have friends over all while weighing in at less than most 1 person tents! Consider your Camp Elevated™!

The Nubé is even large enough to hambunk two hammocks inside!

(Hammock not included, check out our Combo Packs to add a hammock!)  


Customer Reviews

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Big guys listen up!

Big guys,

You are going to love the Nube! I am 6’4”, 295 lbs. and when paired with the Pares hammock, the Puffle for a top quilt you can make into a foot box, another Puffle for a bottom quilt for the chili nights and a Puffalo pillow - it is like sleeping on a cloud. I love SMR gear, it’s top notch. Their customer service is fabulous and their commitment to folks having clean water makes you feel good when buying gear. I know from personal experience that they truly care about each one of their customers.

Loved it before I even got it

The nube cured everything I disliked about my previous setup(eno tarp) no more line drip on head and feet, and total protection all around, especially with winter barrier! When I got it everything was as expected and even more surprised about the excess room!


I have had the núbe for almost 2 years now and the thing is amazing. I have taken it to the rocky mountains in the dead of winter and stayed dry. I have been in some crazy rain storms in it and it holds up very well. The only down side is when you trying to take a nap in summer the inside gets hot quick, but that's the same with every tent. It's a one of a kind product and would highly recommend this to any backpacker or camper out there. Keep up the good work

Good luck on Shark Tank!!

I love love this product. It's light weight, comfortable, quality that I'm not worried about ripping, versatile and good looking design. When I go camping with friends in tents, I'm the one who has had a full night sleep waking up fresh without the standard sore, cold, tired muscles.
Good luck on Shark Tank!!

Well made.

Durable, no rips or runs. Comfortable and well made.