Nubist Colony Event: Maumelle Park, AR

Nubist Colony Event: Maumelle Park, AR

#NUBIST Colony Event 04/13-04/16 '18

Coming up to our campsite right on the river in Maumelle Park in AR, we were pleased with the gorgeous location for the second ever Nubist Colony event. Richard, Will, and I decided to set up camp before grabbing the kayaks for a paddle around Round Trip Raven (which may be referred to as Ramen from now on).

The wind was killer and gave us quite the workout, but let’s face it, we probably needed it. After returning to camp we enjoyed our supper with good conversation before hitting the hammocks. About 10 minutes after crawling in to sleep, it began to rain.

Probably the WORST storm I’ve ever camped in, yet surprisingly, I slept like a log! That soft, rocking motion from the wind blowing through the trees and the sound of the rain on the Stratos fly is almost as soothing as being rocked like a baby.

On Saturday, we hiked the East Trail to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain - NOT an easy climb. As I'm climbing up these steep rocks, very much using my hands and feet together for support, I found a lady that had frozen up on a rock and couldn't make it down. I began escorting her down (very carefully, and yes, still using my hands for balance) 

Just as we made it down, Richard came RUNNING (in sandals) down the trail to get the drone from the van (I don't know how that man does it) He escorted her the rest of the way so I could keep climbing. She made it down alright and I made it to the summit… almost alright. 

Here’s our buddy, Todd, on the Summit of Pinnacle Mountain. He was able to enjoy the Puffle set Saturday and remained comfortable in the 30° temperatures all night long.

Wesley enjoyed his rest at the summit in the Pares hammock. He borrowed the 30° Inferno set Saturday night and enjoyed it so much he didn’t want to give it back!


(the next two photos were thrown in just to prove Stitch and I made the climb up the mountain too)


Camp Food *heart eyes*

We knew Todd had some cooking skills after he whipped up some delicious pork chops, sausage, and potatoes on the dutch oven, but then…

After enjoying the heavenly dessert he made too, his “cooking skills” promoted his title to “Masterful Camping Chef.”

Richard’s cooking skills may not be as good as Todd’s, but this breakfast sausage still hit the spot before we brought this hang to a close.

Another Nubist Hang in the books.. will we see YOU at the next one?!



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