Fat Butt Hang: Medoc Mountain State Park Hollister, NC.

Fat Butt Hang: Medoc Mountain State Park Hollister, NC.

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5th Annual Fat Butt Hang 03/29-03/31 '18

Finally got to take the van out since the wrap was put on, and it was a hit before I even got to the hang! On the interstate I saw people taking photos, and some would come up on one side then slow down to get on the other side to check it out. Also got a few extra waves on the road than I did before the wrap!

Fat. Butt. Hang. That name fits PERFECTLY when you look at the amount of food we consumed. So much good food it felt like we were on a cruise...except with hammocks and lots of trees.

Eat till you get sleepy then sleep till you get hungry, right?

Prepping the food was a bit different than other hangs I’ve been to - everyone cooks a meal for the group and for some reason that meant there was wayyyy too much food! Lucky for me, my set-up was right next to the prep tent, so I ALWAYS knew when the food was ready!

My turn to feed the masses.

Phantom Grappler has forgotten more about rope and knots than I will ever learn. Once you get him started, it’s hard to stop him (not that I wanted to). He’s full of knowledge and I love learning!

The bunny goes around the tree… into the hole… nope. Phantom Grappler had to show us that one too. Crazy at the age of ## I had never learned how to do it without them coming untied!!

One of the ladies “volunteered” to help test the Puffle in the field - it was her first time hammock camping too, and she didn’t want to give the Puffle back!

No, seriously, she LOVED it so much I almost couldn't get it back from her.

Loaned her the Stratos Hammock System set-up and the Inferno for the night, and I think she’s officially been converted to the dark side… I mean the hammock side - She is now the proud owner of her very own Inferno!



Andddd another test subject - this one had a birthday AND brought cake!


Another test subject fell asleep curled up in the Puffle… successful test? I think so!

We spotted an endangered species during this hang… one for the books for sure! haha!

Brought the hang to a soft close with a moonlight hike. The moon was full and just errie enough to make you stay near the group.

Another successful hang in the books.

See you at the next one!

- Barry


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