Chilly Butt Hang: Marsden Tract Potomac, MD

Chilly Butt Hang: Marsden Tract Potomac, MD

3rd Annual Chilly Butt Hang 02/16-02/18 '18

Arriving to group hang in Marsden Tract after dark can propose a few issues... Walking around unsure of where you are, trying to find a group of people you’ve never met in a place you’ve never been is a tad freaky… though after a little hiking around, I was able to find them sitting around a nice, warm, and much needed fire.

Luckily, all the Nubé and Stratos shelters were set up before it started to snow. Three people who had never been hammock camping before were borrowing complete system set ups, and boy were they thankful to have the Infernos. With temps in the low 30s, we all remained warm and toasty in our hammocks. At the time, the 'Puffle Adventure Blanket' hadn’t even been named yet, but it definitely helped fight the cold during the night.

This photo was taken 15 minutes before the one below… Who knew snow could be so heavy?! We don’t get much of this stuff here in the south, but man is it beautiful.

No one wanted to wander too far from the fire (for obvious reasons), but good conversations with good people (and yeah, fire) helps one bare the conditions.

Cooked a little jambalaya for the crew as an appetizer before checking out a local pub for burgers. This also gave us a chance to get out of the wet snow for a bit. The hammock shelters definitely helped during sleeping times, but sometimes you just need a break from the cold… then again, maybe that’s just my warm, southern blood talking.

Before heading to the pub, I shook the snow off the Sierra Madre gear and grabbed Stitch for a quick picture. He was actually enjoying the cold more than we thought he would!

One of the guys shared his magic tricks at the pub. It’s crazy getting to meet up with so many cool, interesting people who share similar interests, especially when they break out the magic tricks.

A beautiful, foggy sunrise brought this hammock hang to a close. This was my first time camping in the snow, and while I am partial to the southern heat, this was an incredible experience! Thankful to have met people who share the same love for the outdoors and great gear.

See ya at the next hang!

- Barry

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