Louisiana Group Hang: Indian Creek Recreation Area Woodworth, LA

Louisiana Group Hang: Indian Creek Recreation Area Woodworth, LA

 Louisiana Group Hang 3/09-03/11 ‘18

Some things just work out… while planning for this hang, I saw a post on a thread saying someone wanted to go, but didn’t have a ride. I reached out via messenger and told him I might be able to help. HandRandy (the guy needing a ride) lived an hour in the opposite direction from the hang. After speaking for a bit, he said his dad could drop him off at my house on his way to work - his dad just happened to be working in my neighborhood the day we were planning on leaving. Small world… I love it. (oh, and HandyRandy enjoyed his first group hang!)

The original and traditional location for this hang is Kisatchie Bayou Camp in the Red Dirt area of Kisatchie National Forest. We had to go with plan "B" due to Kisatchie being closed because of flooding. These Sierra Madre hammock systems were all set up and ready for the first night of sleepers.

I have owned a kayak for two years and never had the chance to use it. Thankfully I was able to break it in on the lake at Indian Creek. This is Faceplant and Turtle (cool names and even cooler people) coming back from fishing on the lake. Unfortunately they didn’t catch enough for our dinner that evening, but we won’t hold that against them. ;)

This guy was trying out one of the demo Nubé hammock systems. He used another demo that night and is the proud new owner of a Nubé and Solo hammock - operation air camper conversion complete!

Sometimes the best ladder isn’t a ladder at all. There was a lot of rain coming in Friday and Saturday. We put up a huge tarp for everyone to get under. The wind was a nightmare to deal with… unless you were sleeping  in a hammock system of course!

Big Pat made a jambalaya for everyone on Friday night… delicious.

I mean just look at all that yummy goodness cooking!! Such. Good. Food.

My view of the lake from my hammock system as the sun was coming up - can’t beat it.


Shauney all bundled up in a Nubé system with a Solo hammock and Inferno quilts. She came to the hang without any gear and won enough in the raffle to have a near complete set up!

Oh yeah, Stitch made his appearance to this hang… he got in good with the ladies too. Have to keep an eye on him sometimes... Shauney and Leigh were happy to alien sit though.

Stitch picks up his own slack around here too… He even helped Faceplant cook up something good for us.

You know we had lots of food. A) Its a group hang B) Its a group hang in Louisiana!

We LOVE to eat!

Some of my camping/hiking friends that I had not seen in a while.  Clockwise from the left are Faceplant, Turtle, Shauney, and Leigh. That’s me in the middle! Stitch didn’t make it in this one.

Of course there was live music! This is the first time I have been in the woods when someone was playing a banjo... It was not as scary as the jokes make it seem.

What a great bunch of goofballs to hang with. We were lucky with the weather - only a small amount of rain on Saturday. But, of course the usual Louisiana downpour happened Sunday morning while packing up. Still didn’t ruin the fun. Great weekend with great people.

See ya next time!

- Barry


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