Camp Stories With Dad

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(Video Transcript)
Eddie Hyde
Today is, uh, December the, uh, 14th. Yeah, 2019.

Casey Hyde

Eddie Hyde
There was a fireplace. In this shelters over there is some dry wood.

Casey Hyde
Oh nice.

This guy.
This is my dad.

He's taught me pretty much everything I know. We were camping in Mammoth Cave National Park. And I asked him one simple question.

Can you tell me some camp stories and here we go...

Eddie Hyde
But the best camping was when I was like six. We drove to California, in a Volkswagen Bus and camped out along the way. Every night,

Casey Hyde
That comes up a lot and must have a good time.

Eddie Hyde
Yeah, we did.

We did. So I had a sleeping bag this Granny mad me. Just out of... she sewed some blankets together made me a sleeping bag.

Our neighbors. Mrs Kinser made of this book of games to play from things like counting count and looking for certain things on the signs and that kind of stuff. So she made us these.

Casey Hyde
So that's where all the games come from.

Eddie Hyde
Yeah. Yeah. So she made us these games to occupy our time, so I was six.

And Rita was 12 and Paula was 14. We stayed this game reserve in Oklahoma. There was Buffalo. Just walking around all over the place. And so Granny was cooking breakfast. And we were still asleep. And she had a little Coleman stove and she's cooking breakfast.

She heard this really heavy breathing outside the tent, we had this three sided tent at the side of Volkswagen bus.

Casey Hyde
Did it wrap around the bus?

Eddie Hyde
No was like the doors opened.

So you had a three sided tent. It was kind of like your canopy, except it had sides.

Casey Hyde
Oh, wow.

Eddie Hyde
So. So we set that up every morning or every night. Sleep inside that tent. And the Volkswagen Bus. So Granny was cooking breakfast I think it was raining maybe? She's cooking breakfast on a Coleman stove inside the tent.

And she heard this like heavy breathing. She couldn't figure out what the noise was. She ran over an opened the tent and there was a buffalo standing right outside the tent and staring into the tent.

She just. She just closed the tent back and went back to cooking. We were still asleep. So that was a.

That was a game reserve. I remember it was actually an Indian reservation. So we met some Native Americans. That was pretty interesting.

We saw the Grand Canyon on that trip.

My uncle put the three of us in his car and took off in Los Angeles on the freeway, and Granny and Pa were trying to follow us. My uncle was just going in and out of traffic , of course Granny and Pa had never been in traffic like that before.

And Granny said, All I could think about was she'd never see us kids again.


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  • Sounds like a lovely time Mr. Eddie!


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