Swedes on Kauai: An Epic Day Hammocking in Hawaii!

Swedes on Kauai: An Epic Day Hammocking in Hawaii!

The Best Day on Kauai with My Nubé

"Swedish Tom" Evertsson traversed Kauai, one of Hawaii's most stunning islands, while hammock-camping in his trusty Nubé 2.0. 

This September we took a trip to Kauai, one of the Hawaiian island’s. This was the perfect time to convince the girlfriend that we needed a new and updated Nubé. You see, she had earlier been complaining that the bugnet surrounding the original Nubé was too small for “hambunking” and that it was too much of a hassle getting the net closed while in the hammock. I told her that the 2.0 had a much bigger net so.... We just HAD to get one!

Perspective: Is it me or the trees?

First time setting the Nubé 2.0 up I could have sworn that they made the top cordage shorter because I could not get around the trees! After trying 5-6 different spots it occurred to me that it’s not the cordage that has gotten shorter, these trees are just freaking enormous! All the trees up in Waimea Canyon were all so immense, not really that tall just incredibly wide.

Aptly named "sleeping giants", formally known as Norfolk Pines, dot the landscape of Waimea Canyon on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii. 

In particular, I want to tell you about one specific day, the best day of my life and the Nubé was part of that. It started off with the best hike that I’ve ever been on by far! The variety of terrain on the trail, the stunning views, shifting weather patterns and the perfect day-hike mileage.

A view of the majestic Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. 

 Traversing large sections of native ferns on the trail to Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

When we got back I was in a state of euphoria, I was just so happy. We made our way to the beach where we wanted to spend the night but not a single tree was in sight (not very shocking, I mean it is a beach!). We wound our way down to the beach and then I see it- the perfect hammock spot!

The perfect hammocking spot on the beach!

"Swedish Tom" Evertsson and his friends enjoyed an epic day on Kauai, followed by a cozy night beach-side in their Nubé 2.0 hammock-camping shelters.

This was simply a perfect day- I had an amazing hike, I was on Kauai with the best company in the world, just witnessed a cool sunset, got the perfect camping spot and I’m just sitting here with a cold beer in my hand enjoying the moment. Have you ever had a moment when nothing could possibly get any better? Please share in the comments!

After a mind-blowing day-hike in Waimea Canyon, "Swedish Tom" Evertsson and his friends enjoy some well-earned R&R on the beach. 

The perfect close to an amazing day!  

Comparing the Original Nubé to the 2.0 

Now I know that the original Nubé isn’t up for sale on the SMR website any longer but I bet a lot of you still have the original and haven’t gotten to get the 2.0 just yet? I thought I’d make a short list of what I personally think about the original Nubé, the Nubé 2.0 and why I upgraded.

Original Nubé

Pro’s- Smaller net! But this could also be a con, it depends.... A bigger net gives you more room, but it also makes you have to hang the Nubé further up tree if you don’t want the net touching the ground.
Con’s- Smaller net! As I’ve talked about it makes it harder to “hambunk”  as well as fitting yourself and your gear inside.
The Zipper.  Right from the start I found it somewhat difficult to close the zipper when I was inside without having to use both hands. It gets a lot easier with practice... But still...

Nubé 2.0

Pro’s- Bigger net. Makes getting in and out so much easier, and of course hambunking a LOT easier.
The Zipper- The zipper just feels so much more robust and opens/closes a lot smoother than the older version.
The Quality- To me quality is everything. I might just be an idiot spending so much money on stuff that I could have found for half the price on a normal sporting goods store. I’m sure some can relate that when you’re outside in the pouring rain, you really don’t wanna get wet. This might make some people stay inside because they don’t trust their gear to keep them dry. To be able to get outside whenever, however and wherever you wish and have a good time while outside to me is worth a LOT!
I really liked the quality of the original and had no problems with the seams but the upgraded 2.0 feels even better!


I don't bring up weight because they are so similar (about 1.5 kg, including all stakes), however, I definitely prefer the new Nubé for what I use it for. Now, is it worth buying a new one? Maybe, I would say. Do you feel like the old one has too small of a net and it’s hindering you from bringing it? Then get a new one, you won’t regret it!
Adventure and Photos by "Swedish Tom" Evertsson
SMrAdventurer, Paramedic/Trauma Nurse, hiker, champion mountain-biker, camper, bushcrafter, snowboarder, skier and traveller


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