Climb Rated Carabiner used for Hammock Camping!

Micro Carabiner | Climb Rated Weighs 0.8oz Holds 4,950lbs

Sale price$8.25

Carabiner Features

4950lb Strength

At only .8 ounces the Sierra Madre Carabiner is both super strong and super lightweight.


Carry your keys, your groceries, strap gear on your pack they’re even climb rated if you need to rappel off a roof!

Fashionable Design

We’ve all heard that black helps make you look skinnier which was a major design pillar in choosing the carabiners prime color.


All of the nitty gritty details that went into creating the Carabiner

What's Included

(1) Carabiner


7075 High Strength Aluminum

0.8oz (22.7g)

Length: 3in (7.6cm)

Width: 1.87in (4.75cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kirk Neal
Buy this biner

I bought 3 of these. I know carabiners. Many types out there, alot of hype, alot of junk. For under $10/ea I get climb rated, super light, slender (nicely slippery where it counts). My #1 use for biner-1 is holding my keys, serious business yes? This biner offers extreme dollar/value. Many biners stink for the purpose of carrying keys, this one excels mostly. I modified #1 by filing down the pin that protrudes at the opening. I like fast deployment. This easily done mod helps the biner slide in/out easier without affecting its security. I know because I’ve relentlessly tested it. Nice. The other 2 will be used just about anywhere. Highly recommended as a true multi-purpose, low profile/weight, yet very capable biner.

Thanks for sending us this 5-star review, Kirk! We greatly appreciate it. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre!

Jason Stuart
Works Great

Strong and durable, the spring clip is very strong, the carabiner itself is amazing. Great price on a great product

Love seeing that this worked out great for you Jason!

Lori S
Just what I wanted but more than I needed

I'm not sure if I will ever need a carabiner that can support almost 5000 pounds, but it's nice to know it's there if I need it. The carabiner is lighter than others that support less weight and is the perfect size for a variety of uses and a good price for what it can do. I plan to use it for hammock camping. A+ customer service as well!!! I've been a fan since I first encountered SM on Kickstarter.
Any chance we could get a smaller, lighter carabiner that holds 1000 pounds, which would be even more suitable for hammocks?

William Rathbun II

very nice light weight and strong carabiner. i have 8 of these for all my hammocks, never had an issue.

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