EZSlings Suspension


EASIEST and FASTEST Way to Hang Your Camping Hammock with ZERO Stretch!

EZSling Hammock Suspension Straps allow you to set up your camping hammock in seconds, no knots required! Simply wrap each EZSling strap around a tree, clip your Pares, Solo, or xPlor hammock to the EZSling loops, and you're ready to hang! (Sold by the pair)


The EZSlings consist of two parts 1st is the tubular polyester webbing with two sewn loops and 2nd is the 12 strand Dyneema rope. This combination gives you protection and strength in all of the crucial areas. The EZSlings come with their own stuff sack but are also designed to neatly fit in your Pares, Solo, or xPlor compression bag. The EZSlings protect trees from scarring or any other damage that may be caused to a tree by small ropes used to hang your hammock. We encourage you to join us in "Leave No Trace".

Customer Reviews

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great setup

I cant wait to get these around a tree!!!

So much simpler.

These are thought of as an add on item ... I don't see them that way.

The EZSlings make setup and takedown so simple that I know we would not use our wonderful SMRgear nearly as much if we did not have them.