Light Link | Ultra-Bright Linkable LED Lights with Built-In Attachment (Pre-Order)

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with an integrated, linkable light to guide you to camp or light up your night.


Ultra-Bright Linkable LED Lights with Built-In Attachment

These lightweight, flexible LED lights are designed to illuminate your camp in any way you want. Throw em on your ridgeline, add them to your guy lines, or connect a few and illuminate your entire camp!

Light up your campsite with ease

Illuminate your campsite to create a cozy atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

Love these lights. Very bright and amazingly versatile.

Kimberly E.

Light Link Benefits

Light up

Illuminate your campsite for maximum visibility in darkest of nights.


Light Link Features


Link-up 5 (or more) Lights together and power them off of a single Power Pack, saving you weight and space while giving you your daylight back!

Micro LED Rope

To make this ultra-light and packable yet crazy bright, we had to develop a new LED strip that is 20% lighter, 12% brighter, and much more packable than the standard camping light strip.


We incorporated suspension and attachment options into the Light Link and the carry case. So you can suspend it in your shelter with a quick connection or go full on lantern mode with our reinforced lantern hook.

USB-C Power

We chose the smartest and most powerful connection point available, this allows for increased lighting and linkability. And in a pinch, your USB-C smartphone can even power the Light Link.

Here's How it works


All of the nitty gritty details that went into creating the Light Link

What's Included

Light Link + Lantern Stuff Sack

Light Link + Power UL or XL


30 LED flood lights inside a silicon cover.

3.4oz (98g)

60in (152cm)

Length: 7in (17.5cm)

Width: 6in (15.2cm)

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