The Stories of Wildlings ...

Sierra Madre has such a wonderful following of avid gear junkies, so that we rarely incorporate  influencers to promote/review our gear, and instead spread the word from our very own customers sharing their stories throughout social media.

Our gear owners have such incredible experiences, and we love to share these moments with the world! From this we have created our Adventure Trade Program!

What’s the trade!?

You trade us an Adventure Story and we refund you cold hard cash!

If you know you will be taking your Sierra Madre gear with you on an adventure, we want to hear about it, and reward you for sharing it with us. With the Adventure Trade Program, you can purchase gear from us, and then submit stories, videos, and pictures of you on your adventure using Sierra Madre gear! (Note that your plans do not have to be huge long exotic adventures, or once in a lifetime experiences . While we love these, we also want to see and hear about the normal adventures you take in your own backyard, the short trips with kids, and your boy scouting weekend!)

If your content is approved, you can receive refunds on your purchase per submittal! Typically 5-15% off your entire order for your first approved submittal, and we would be happy to continue to work out further stories and submittals with you in the future.

If you think this program is the perfect fit for you, please check out the guidelines below as well as the examples of previous entries (HERE), and begin by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

We can’t wait to hear your story!



*8 pictures minimum of your adventure with descriptions for each of their location and its purpose (what does the picture say? Or why did you take it?).

-- 1 picture must be of you or the group that was a part of the experience

-- 2 pictures must be your location

-- 3 pictures must be of your gear set up in your adventures location

-- Bonus points for lots of smiling faces! :)

*150-350 -  word entry of your adventure

-- With a beginning, middle and end of your experience (how did your trip start? What were the highlights? What was the wrap up of this adventure?) Give captions to your images and the text should incorporate the images in the story. 

-- Inclusion of how your Sierra Madre gear did while on your excursion.