xPlor Hammock

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Perfect for hambunking in the Ninox!

Hangs at the ideal height inside the bug shield on some short continuous loops passed through each gathered end of the Ninox direct to the talon suspension. It packs down small and light and feels strong and secure when hanging. Castle Rock looks awesome with a set of sunburst Puffles. It's not just for shorter people either, I'm 6'2" and can sleep comfortably in it. Very happy with the xPlor!

Stoked to hear this, John! Glad you're enjoying both your Ninox and xPlor hammocks :) Cheers, Maddie

This hammock is perfect. Was better to hambunk with over the pares than the solo was. I found it to be super comfortable and I love the color.

So stoked to hear that, Michelle :) Hambunking is one of our faves!!

Great to double bunk in the nube or as a small option to chill on a day hike or easy overnight.

Super convenient

How useful is that hammock you don’t have with you? About as useful as that kitchen appliance you forgot about in the closet. This little guy is so small and lightweight I run out of excuses for not having it in a day bag. We originally bought it to hambunk with my pares, but the xplor has been getting more use as it is so convenient. The claims about the fabric softness are true as well. I’ve tried a number of competitor hammocks over time but haven’t felt anything as soft as these. I also appreciate how strong the fabric is, if you REALLY like each other it easily supports two people (we are at 350 lbs. total) for naps

Work just fine

Small enough and very light to always be with me in any bags 8 carry. Work perfectly with my Pares to hambunk. Long enough for me (6 ft 3 in) to take a nap or just enjoy an afternoon hiking in a forest. It is my new hammock wich will never leave my side for all the time we said "if I had a hammock right now..."
Thanks SMR