Ninox Talon Suspension: How to Use


  • Does this guy have steel ah de? Because I can barely move the suspension using the “pull-down” tab, at all. How does one use one’s “entire arm to pull down on this thing when one can’t loosen it at all? This is pretty ridiculous.

  • So, I just got all of my the stuff from the Ninox Kickstarter campaign and I only have one complaint. The Talon suspension system. I do not like it. I realize that it’s purpose is to be able to fine tune the tautness of the hammock, but loosening the Talon is a nightmare. I’ve watched all the videos and do exactly what it says, but pulling down on the white tab literally does nothing. And that’s after only hammocking for a few hours. I can’t imagine how tight it would be after a full night, especially if it rains. I did loosen the ridgeline which eventually enabled me to loosen the Talon suspension, but I really had to fight with it. Honestly a little disappointed in this system. I’ll probably just stick to the Nature’s Hangout straps that I’ve always used and pair them with some heavy duty carabiners. Any advice on the matter would be appreciated.

    Sarah Grimes

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