Single vs. Double Layer Ninox Hammock


Ninox flat lay hammock for hammock camping!


Let's take a look at a few key similarities and differences between the Single Layer and Double Layer hammocks, so you can decide what's best for you!

 The Key Differences and Similarities between the Ninox Single Layer hammock and Double Layer hammock 

The single vs. double layer ninox hammock comparison gives you the details on how to choose the best camping hammock for you!

Ninox Double Layer vs. Single Layer Hammock Granite Green! 

Ninox Double Layer vs. Single Layer Hammock in Carrot!

Ninox Double Layer vs. Single Layer Hammock in Dark Earth!

Ninox Double Layer vs. Single Layer Hammock in Sky Dive!

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  • how much more money for the double layer ninox hammock.
    when will these things be shipped out.
    p.s. you have no phone number where we could call.
    you. i mean a good number good number underscore good number

    Stephen. Webb on
  • I wish this video was available during the campaign, I would have upgraded and probably upgraded to the basic.

    Tim on
  • I was suffering from the mat moving in the hammock, so it should be helped by the double layer. Since it is also supposed to be used by two people, it is good that the load capacity is also high.

  • Was there consideration to stitch the two layers together in a quilt like pattern to prevent the two layers from shifting?

    Ken T on
  • Hey Matt – absolutely!
    This double will have two layers of fabric and with that come the very basic idea that you will have to deal with a bit of rearranging of the inner layer while inside. I wouldn’t say I’ve noticed creases – but it does take me an extra moment or two to flatten it out and get the two layers just right. I believe that is just a result of a double layer hammock.

    In regards to keeping clean from debris, could you explain this a bit more? The Teslon3 fabric is very resilient to debris and water/mud thanks to the teflon coating – so I wouldn’t say this is a problem, but let me know more details so I can be sure to get you the right information!

    Cheers, Richard

    Richard on
  • Can you guys better explain the difference in body conformity? I currently use a double layer hammock, but have found some issues with it. Things like creases that become annoying/uncomfortable overnight, and some real difficulty getting hammock clean from debris.

    Matt S on

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