Ninox DL Hammock: How to set up


  • Join the Facebook group, have lots of great ideas on how to fix the bar falling out issue. But honestly just use two zip ties one on either side of the talon hook and the bar won’t fall out anymore.

    Doug Edwards
  • Our buckle tensioning bar fell out and what is the function of the little orange string?!
    This suspension system has been a game of “drop and seek”.

  • I had the same issue with the strap tensioner bar on the talon hook…was thinking the same – glad I wasn’t out in the forest somewhere at night looking for that insert.

  • Just got my Ninox. Set it up, with the help of the videos. I think I’m going to like it but the clips on the suspension system suck. The insert in the clip fell out at least a half dozen times during set up and tear down. I’m glad I was in my lawn and not some brushy area where I have no doubt I would have lost the insert rendering the system useless. Please fix!!!!

    Scott Strand

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