• Comfy and Compact, this little camp chair weighs in at just 1.3lbs and holds over 280lbs!
  • Sturdy and Durable, the Air Table weighs in under 2lbs and is ready for all your cooking, card games, and book toting adventures!
  • These are light enough for the trail but convenient enough for the backyard fire pit—keep it in your shoe rack at the backdoor so it's readily accessible for those late night campfire stories and s'mores
  • Both the Air Chair and Air Table assemble in seconds, requiring no tools, and each comes with its own carry bag.


Mother Earth does not care how light, packable, and sleek your Sierra Madre Air Chair may be! If the conditions are right, she'll swallow those chair legs right up and send you careening toward the dirt from whence you came.

But have not fear! We accounted for her cunning and create the Slab to keep you and your chair upright!

Whether your journey takes you to sandy shores, soft forest floors, or your backyard for a fire and s'mores — the Slab has your back (and your butt).


Our hard-top Air Table brings all the convenience of cutting, slicing, and pouring on your kitchen table into the outdoors with the versatility of a lightweight, packable mealtime partner.

You'll have a solid place to prep, eat, and play cards on the trail or during your weekend get away. The Air Table perfectly matches with our Air Chair (learn more about it below!)
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