Leave the weights in the gym, amigo!

The wild is for fresh air and finding oneself—not pumping iron. If your trekking poles feel like dumbells, it's time to cut weight.

The Sierra Madre Carbon Trekkers will help you do just that!

We've stripped out the heavy metal and opted for lightweight, reinforced carbon fiber and kevlar instead. At just 14.3 ounces for the pair, you're free to focus on the beauty of nature and not the pain in your arms.


  • 100% carbon-fiber construction keeps the poles exceptionally lightweight compared to aluminum poles

  • SureLock technology lets you adjust pole length by 15 - 20cm to account for variations in steepness of terrain

  • 3-section foldable design with new SnapLock technology allows poles to snap rapidly into place, and then release with the single push of a button

  • Upgraded technology makes these 30% stiffer, with improved kevlar supports at pole joints

  • Soft-to-the-touch EVA foam grips with nonslip foam mini-grip extensions reduce callus-causing friction

  • Breathable, moisture-wicking hand straps

  • Interchangeable, non-scarring rubber Tech Tips and carbide Tech Tips dig into the terrain

  • Stopper basket with shaft catcher secures the folded sections

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The Sierra Madre Carbon Trekkers provide more than just stability on the trail, they're also the perfect companion for the Nubé and Ninox shelters and floors!

When quitting time rolls around for the night, your Carbon Trekkers can be used as the supports for a floor system or to prop open the fly of a hammock shelter.
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