The Ninox Fly

  • The Closure Sleeves seal around your suspension and completely protect your hammock ends from rain!
  • The Sky Hooks allow a minimum setup distance of 9' while maintaining complete coverage for an 11'+ hammock.
  • Our built-in doors give you the ability to batten down the hatches for bad weather or direct a breeze through your system for increased airflow.
  • The built-in peak vents help reduce condensation and increase ventilation while keeping you rain-free and draft-free thanks to the diffuser design.
  • The pole kit can be integrated to provide increased interior space.
  • Works with any Gathered End Camping Hammock (No Bridge)
  • All cords have their own storage compartments for a no knot setup.

The Ninox Hammock

  • Whether you sleep on your side, your back, or even your stomach, the Ninox lets you do it in comfort.
  • Unlike other gathered-end hammocks, the Ninox employs our proprietary comfort wave pattern, allowing you to stretch out and sleep as you would in your bed at home!
  • The Ninox is the most spacious interior set up for hammock camping with our quad pull outs to maximize that interior suite.
  • It's Teslon3 Fabric we invented specifically for the soft touch and memory like conforming to your body as you lay in the diagonal.
  • The integrated ridgeline ensures you’ll be set up correctly every time - no fuss, no fiddle.
  • Our Insect Shield is completely removable and allows you to use the Ninox in hammock only mode, hammock + insect mode, or hammock + winter mode.
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