Inspired to make a difference? Join Sierra Madre!

Sierra Madre’s name was inspired by the Sierra Madre mountain range that stretches from Arizona to Honduras, joining two dynamic cultures and providing incredible adventures to all who dare to enjoy her! We believe this symbol of adventure and culture well represents our company.

Who are we? We’re a band of Wildlings that have set out to change the world! We don’t conform, we break all the rules, and we always think differently and we’re addicted to experiencing the wild untame moments of life outdoors.

We don't just sell gear, we create it, we use it and we tweak it till it's perfect! We are consumed with innovation and pushing the limits of what is possible.  

Research and development of Sierra Madre Gear!

And we are family! Our Sierra Madre team does not just work at Sierra Madre, but they believe in it, they live it, and they are part of it. We love what we do, who we are, and how we impact all those around us.


Below are the positions we are currently hiring for and their opportunity descriptions, so whether you see the one that calls your name, or know you have a skill we have yet to discover, let us know! CLICK HERE to send our team an email either noting the position you are applying for and why you are a fit, or telling us about the position we need to create for you and why! Include a cover letter and resume and we will be in touch should we need more information or need to schedule an interview.

We look forward to hearing about YOU!


Positions Available 

  • Digital Marketing Manager (Apply here)
  • Content Creative