5 Big Updates To Your Hot Pocket

5 Big Updates To Your Hot Pocket

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A Secret Pocket, No-Fuss Zipper, And MORE POWER!

We’ve made some substantial improvements to the Hot Pocket and we're thrilled with the results!

As a backer and early adopter, we want you to be there with us on this journey. So, here's a slightly nerdy look into the Hot Pocket development process!

Here's what we've been up to:


We changed the top opening of the bag to a simple drawcord, losing the velcro and removing the risk of gear snags.


One of the things that we just weren’t ok with, were the loose straps that dangled when the product was in flat mode. The hidden strap pocket is a hardware-less pocket that allows you to slide the straps in and keep them out of the way - creating a much more enjoyable user experience!


We have decided to go with a non-locking zipper. We went back and forth on this point and felt that the simplicity of a non-locking zipper puller would provide longer life than the more complex locking zipper puller, which has an extra piece of hardware in its design.

There are pros and cons with each but after a lot of testing, we are very confident that this will be the best solution moving forward.


We’ve added a couple of key features to the Stap Pack that are going to bring the Hot Pocket Day Pack capabilities to the next level.

First, we wanted to improve the comfort of Hot Pocket Day Pack mode, to do this we added webbing sleeves that keep the weight of the pack centered on the strap, so you always have cushion where you need it. Next, we added a simple chest strap that allows you to keep the straps over your chest and not slide all over the place. Plus they now say Wildling so that’s pretty cool :)

The Heat Panel

When we started this project we knew the biggest challenge we’d face was actually getting you warm when everything else is cold. Simple right?

Well, turns out there was no existing infrastructure that offered the right solution.
Sure, there are 5v heating solutions, but the wattage output on a 5v USB wire is extremely low and is not going to TRULY warm you when it’s cold. It might feel warm, but we demand more than just the “feeling of warmth” — we need instant heat!

There are a few 12v heating solutions that have increased wattage output (though it is limited), but these require very clunky batteries with outdated technology.

Also, the barrel plugs are just a pain and we saw review after review dealing with issues around these plugs. So we were really excited to develop something brand new, but with that comes an immense amount of resistance from the rest of the world :).


We developed a new PCBA board that incorporated a Power Delivery chip enabling this large amount of wattage transfer and control. This board allows us to control the timing of the switch as well as regulate the power needed for the heat panel. Thanks to our high output batteries we’re able to send up to 60 watts of power to the heat panels — which is more than 6x a normal 5v heat panel. This makes a huge difference in temperature increase.


Since this is a new creation in the heating industry, we had to create our own Silicone switch, this was our opportunity to make what we wanted! So we crafted an oversized switch that is easy to press and, of course, illuminates the Sierra Madre mountain logo when powered on!

The plugs used on the heat panel are custom molds allowing for a snug fit into our Power Pack. All of this adds up to a more secure and dependable connection between the heat panel and the power pack.

 Hope all that technobabble didn't bore you too much! If you haven't noticed, we're pumped by how things are advancing and we can't wait to share the Hot Pocket with you. 

As always, thank you for your kind support. We'll be in touch as new and noteworthy developments come out of the lab!

All the best,

Richard Rhett