Which Sierra Madre Research Camping Hammock is right for you?

SMr Camping Hammocks are made for a lifetime of adventure, we've put together a few items for you to consider to help you find the perfect fit! 

The perfect hammock fit comes from considering a few things…


A taller person will need more length in their hammock in order to position themselves diagonally for max comfort. A shorter person, however, may want a shorter more minimalist style to shed a few ounces.


1. Room to Roam

If you like a flatter lay the SMr Pares and Solo Camping Hammocks are perfect when you need room to roam. Your hang arch and hammock length help with this. 

2. Snug Bug in a Rug

If you like to be snuggled in, and wrapped up like a taco.  Then a tighter lay with a shorter hammock is best for you. 



  • Backpacking through the wilderness?  

  • Car Camping at the crag?

  • Social Relaxin' on campus?



  • Works best with height: 5’8’’ - 7'2"
  • Laying preference: Room to Roam, very spacious
  • UseSocial Relaxin, Car Camping, Backpacking

If you’re looking for the most comfortable, most accommodating experience that the hammock world can provide, then look no further. The Pares hammock is the top echelon on all accounts other than packed weight.

Because it is the longest and widest hammock we make, virtually anybody will be extremely comfortable in it. It’s also a prime candidate for our more social customers because at least two adults can comfortably fit in it, and at least 11 kiddos! (kidding)

The Pares also comes equipped with a double reinforced webbing handle above where your head will rest, which is used to readjust your position at any point. Trust me, at night when you’re in a frictionless sleeping bag, a secure handle is much appreciated.

The Pares, as expected, is the heavier of the Sierra Madre Research hammocks, weighing 1 pound 6.5 ounces, but that’s not to say it’s too bulky. The stuff sack attached to the Pares comes equipped with compression technology that shrinks it down to the size of a grapefruit and shields it from the weather. Because it's attached use it to store your keys and other small items you want to keep close by. None the less, if trimming down on weight is a priority, we have something else for you.

Pares Hammock.jpg
  • Works best with height: 5’8’’ – 6’4’’
  • Laying preference: Moderate Roamer
  • Use: Backpacking

The Solo Hammock is slightly shorter and less wide than the Pares but it still affords the comfort of a relatively long hammock. The benefit is that the Solo is significantly lighter than the Pares, coming in at 13 oz., so this hammock is suited more towards hikers, backpackers, and other people who want to save weight on the trail while also enjoying a terrific night’s sleep.

Differentiating itself from the other hammocks, this hammock’s stuff sack is made similar to a dry bag. After you pack the hammock, the top of the stuff sack will roll down and be clasped to the bottom of the bag - giving you compression and waterproofing. Altogether, if you’re looking for a light weight yet very comfortable option, and don’t expect to be having too much company inside your hammock with you, then the Solo is the move.

  • Works best with height: under 5’8’’
  • Laying Preference: Snug Bug in a Rug
  • Use: Backpacking, Camping with Kids

The xPlor Hammock is Sierra Madre Research’s most minimal hammock, with a packed weight of 11.4 ounces. For our Nubists who prize efficiency above all else, this hammock is a terrific option. Even though it is still longer than many hammocks on the market, it is the shortest hammock we offer, so by our standards of comfort we recommend it for people of shorter stature, or children.

The xPlor also provides the unique opportunity for Hambunking. Since the xPlor was designed to sit perfectly above the Pares’ arch, you can latch your xPlor directly above using the same carabiners and EZSlings, and both of you can levitate together. This is particularly useful when sharing the same Nubé or Stratos.

While the xPlor’s stuff sack is made from the same weather- resilient material as the other two hammocks, it doesn’t include compression technology. This isn’t necessarily a downside for the size of the packed xPlor because you can basically fit it inside your pocket, but it does mean your packed xPlor will be more susceptible to rain leaking inside it's uncovered top.

All Sierra Madre Research hammocks have these characteristics in common. 

Teslon fabric

Each hammock is crafted with our proprietary Teslon fabric, which is both silky smooth and ridiculously strong giving you years of adventure. 

Multi-Function D-Rings

Every hammock will have a pair of multifunction D-rings on the center of the outer-edge, with which you can secure your Nubé, latch together to cocoon yourself in, or even to just hold items like a water-bottle. 

Tethered Stuff Sack

All SMr camping hammocks feature a tethered water-resistant stuff sack. The Pares and Solo stuff sacks have compression technology built in.

So which hammock is right for you, the ParesSolo, or xPlor? Let us know in the comments below if this guide was helpful! And don't forget... all of SMr's hammocks work great with our NUBÉ and STRATOS Hammock Camping Shelters!

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