How to Get the Most Out of Your Hot Pocket!


Want to maximize your Hot Pocket's heating potential?

Whether you're freezing your nubs off at a football game, shivering in a tent, or cursing the cold in a deer stand — an unzipped Hot Pocket will provide instant heat!

But, for an even stronger defense against the cold, you can add an insulating layer over top the Hot Pocket to trap in heat and extend your coverage area. 

Our Puffle Adventure Quilts are an excellent solution (if we do say so ourselves). With both synthetic and down options, and two different temperature ratings available, it's easy to find the best version for your needs!

And when it's not working as an insulating layer, you can stuff the Puffle into your Hot Pocket to keep it warm!


  • 55º comfort rating makes this an excellent choice for warmer weather camping and everyday use
  • Weighs just 19 ounces and stuffs down small
  • 3D Puffle Synthetic insulation resists water and dries quickly


  • 40º comfort rating lets you keep on camping even when the temperatures start to drop!
  • Weighs as little as 21 ounces and stuffs down small
  • Available in both down and synthetic versions for suite your specific needs


  • Each Puffle Includes top and bottom draft-collars for a draft-free seal at both ends.
  • Each Puffle has full length snaps included to allow you to link the Puffle 55º to the Puffle 40º for increased warmth.
  • The Puffle's ultra-soft fabric feels great on the skin and doesn't rustle while you sleep
  • All Puffle's convert from a linkable adventure-grade blanket, into a sleeping bag, into a top quilt or under quilt for hammock camping!  

  • Check out the Puffle Difference below!

    Keep reading to discover the unique problem solving capabilities of the Puffle design. We found several major pain points that weren't being solved by other outdoor quilts, and created solutions for these problems with the Puffle. Now campers all over the world are doing the Puffle Shuffle with warm smiles on their face!


    The #1 Puffle Difference, no holes in the Foot Box
    Puffle adventure blanket adapts to your environment in any situation
    Linkable and Stackable the Puffle stretches to meet your needs!


    You'll be able to add the Puffle 40º or 55° Adventure Quilt to your reward when the Hot Pocket Post Campaign Survey goes out - stay tuned!

    Have questions? Feel free to post them in the comments below and we promise to get you an answer.

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    • @Laura the Puffle is made out of a buttery-soft, waterproof material. It does not slide off easily. We’ve even attached buttons so you can clasp your blanket together to help prevent sliding off and provide extra insulation 😊

      @Ron both dimensions of the Puffle in blanket position is 52 X 80 in. It’s tall enough for a 6.5ft user!

      @Sue here is a helpful video Richard made demonstrating the different sized Hot Pockets stuffed to maximum capacity. I think you’ll find it very helpful. There are also other helpful videos on our Youtube Channel discussing the Hot Pocket and other Sierra Madre gear!

      🎥 Video Link:

      Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
    • Is the puffel a slippery fabric? Will it tend to slide off?

      Laura Severin on
    • What are the measurements of each when in the blanket position?

      Ron on
    • Please show me each hot pocket stuffed to capacity side by side. It would also help if the demonstrators are male and female as any items size can be deceiving based on how large or small the person holding the item might be. I have a down quilt, I know how small I can compress it so I just need to be able to visualize all three, side by side for comparison. A still photo of them stuffed, again side by side with the dimensions drawn onto the photo would be great as well. If you have already posted something like this can you direct me?


      Sue on

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