A New Breed of Solar Charger!


We're proud to introduce the Sierra Madre Solar Link System! An innovative, new take on the portable solar charger.

Solar Link System Key Facts

Our unique, multi-panel, modular design gives you greater control over your charging system so you can design the right setup for your specific situation. 

Start with the 5.4 ounce Solar Base for 7 sun-slurped watts and build on the system with Sierra Madre Solar Links. Each link attaches to the Solar Base and to other Links magnetically. These magnetic connection points also serve as the conduit for energy transfer from each panel to the base! 

Solar Base and Link

  • Each additional Link boosts your power production by 7 watts (up to 42 watts) and adds only 4.4 ounces to the overall system weight. 
  • You can strap it to your pack while you hike and convert your hours on the trail into hours of energy for your devices
  • The panels can sit on the dash of your car to soak up the sun while you're on the road or in the store
  • Powerful magnets on the Solar Base and Solar Links allow you to attach the panels to the outside of your tent or Air Camping system for optimal sun exposure and easy access to your devices.
  • We're leading the way with USBC connectivity! This means unrivaled power transfer and compatibility with the Sierra Madre Power Packs and many current and future electronic devices
  • Solar Base and Solar Links are water resistant and weather resilient. It's called "the wild" for a reason and we believe your gear should be designed to withstand the elements!

Solar van life

Solar base mounted to shelter

Solar Link System Specifications

So, whether you're 10 miles from the car and your phone is on 5%...

Or the temperature is falling and you need more juice in your Hot Pocket for unthawing...)

The Sierra Madre Solar Base and Solar Link photovoltaic system will let you put the sunshine to work!

You'll have the opportunity to include a solar charging system (at backer-only pricing) during the upcoming post-campaign survey. 

Excited about linkable solar? Drop a comment and let us know how you'll use those convenient magnets!

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  • Please note solar panels are meant to give you some extra charge when all other power sources fail. You shouldn’t rely solely on the solar panel to completely charge your Hot Pocket. The base of the solar panel boosts your power by 7 watts with each additional solar panel link giving you an added 7 watts. Determining how much charge your solar panel will provide for the Hot Pocket all depends on the watts used and amount of sunlight the panels intake!

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • Hey guys! We’ve had some awesome questions and suggestions on this post. We appreciate all the feedback!

    Here’s some additonal information about the Solar Panel.
    The Solar Panel is built to be all-season weatherproof. It is built durable enough to withstand the gnarliest of thunderstorms! ⛈ The Solar Panel may be used to charge other compatible devices so you can stay fully prepared at all times. It’s never a fun time when you realize your phone is at 1% during the middle of the trip! Please note the Solar Panel is an add-on we have created specifically for the Hot Pocket. There is currently not an onboard battery built inside the Hot Pocket. The Hot Pocket will come with an external portable UL battery pack with additional battery options to purchase if you please 😊

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • @ERIN

    It’s up to you! The battery pack is what will provide the most battery juice. The solar panels work to help provide an extra boost. One panel will give you extra battery life but the more panels you have will help out with more charge time.

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • @DENA

    The Panel will fan fold for extra compactness. You do not have to have it fully open all the time. The Solar Panel is all seasons weather resistant. It can withstand the gnarliest of thunderstorms!

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • Great, but you are not the first in market with this solution. I have a system call solar paper from Yolk witch is a modular solar panel system with magnets. BUT, it has some drawbacks you can over come.
    1. Too weak magnets, need fix / secure rings to keep panels together on backpack etc. You don\t wane lose a panel without knowing it….
    2. Can’t charge Ipad Pro

    Good features:

    1. Auto-reset function if panels get in the shadows
    2. Dual output (USB for Apple and none Apple devices)
    3. LCD AMP meter to see how AMP the systen generates

    More info, http://yolkstation.com/product/solar-paper-pouch/

    For Solar Link system I would love to see one USB-C and one regular USB output
    Some kind of AMP level indicator

    My fare best experience with portable solar panel systems is in fact a system called Solpro Pyxis, 5000mAh battery pack with 4,85 watts foldable solar panels and dual USB out.

    https://www.solpro.com/ Called Helios Smart today.

    Make a mix and you have great winner!

    Joakim Elm on
  • What i do for solar Chargers?

    Andrea on
  • Very cool! Do you have estimates of how long one panel would take to charge the Hot Pocket?

    Chelsea on
  • Can’t wait to see how much they weigh!!

    Ann Whaley on
  • Super stoked for the deets on this! I always find myself needing more power. Cheers to being a nature lover and a phone photographer!

    Tommy on
  • Loving the positive feedback guys!

    If you have any specific questions please feel free to reach out via customerservice@sierramadreresearch.com

    Lexi N. on

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