How Straps Can Take Your Hot Pocket to the Next Level


Is your gear pulling its own weight?

When it comes to outdoor gear, versatility is king! When your whole world is on your back or in your trunk, there's little room for gear that only serves one purpose.

That's why we designed the Hot Pocket to play multiple roles. Not only does it replace your stuff sack, but with the optional Strap Pack feature, it can easily become the pack that carries your gear! (or canine companion)

Dog in a Hot Pocket


The Strap Pack also allows you to activate "Bumderquilt" mode! (Weird name, awesome feature!)

The Hot Pocket can be attached to the underside of the Sierra Madre Air Chair to create a wind-blocking, bum-warming, barrier for your backside! If you've ever suffered from "cold butt syndrome," you know just how game-changing the bumderquilt option truly is.

If you didn't get the chance to upgrade your pledge to get the Strap Pack, you'll have the opportunity to do so in the upcoming post-campaign survey!

One More Thing...

We've added a brand new product to our lineup!

It's called the Light Link and it's a lighting solution that adapts to just about any scenario you can throw its way.


  • Light Link is packable, portable, and it conforms to your pack instead of hogging precious space
  • Built-in elastic bands at both ends allow you to quickly and easily hang Light Link anywhere it's needed
  • The 30 L.E.D flood lights use minimal energy, produce no heat, and provide over 20 hours of light when paired with the Sierra Madre Power Pack UL (included with your Hot Pocket)
  • It's weatherproof and durable so you'll have light even when you get more adventure than you bargained for!

The Light Link will make its in-store debut during the post-campaign survey. Be sure to grab yours at special Kickstarter pricing that will ONLY be available in the survey!

Drop us a comment below and let us know if you're as psyched as we are about "Bumderquilt" mode for the Hot Pocket!

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  • Thanks for all the positive words guys! 😊

    @James Harlan
    Here are the different sizes of the Hot Pocket:

    Small: 26in x 14in | Holds up to 8.7 liters | 4.5oz
    Medium: 28in x 21in | Holds up to 16 liters | 7oz
    Large: 30in x 21in | Holds up to 19 liters | 8.5oz

    The add-on Light Link does not come in red. It seems to be facored so we will keep this suggestion in mind though for the next round! Thanks so much for the feedback.

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • GREAT! I hope it has selectable red color light also and have high, medium and low settings.

    Joakim on
  • I agree with Pamela dim red lights would be useful for astronomers or anyone looking to preserve dark adapted eyesight. Actual red LEDs not white with a RED sheath as the white would still radiate wavelengths that affect night vision.

    Brad C on
  • Cool Light-Link! But, would it be available with red lights too, for all of us astronomers?

    Pamela A Maughmer on
  • This is getting dangerous!!!! I’ve already added the down quilt to my shopping list, along with a possible battery upgrade… I probably need the lights too!!! Keep the good stuff coming :-)

    Vicki W on
  • I like it . Could you please tell us the dimensions of the 3 different hot pockets. ie. In. & cm. Thank you 🙂

    James S Harlan on
  • Nice! A perk for sure, that will pack nicely on the back of the horse. Will its power source be the hotpocket battery pack?

    JB on
  • Awesome! Always fun to see cool stuff being created! 👍🏼

    Sherry on
  • I like it.

    Nora on
  • This is fabulous. A compact way to light your tent or camper when away from power, batteries and bulky lanterns. Great emergency light as well. Can’t wait to get one.😊

    Denise on

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