20 New Years Resolutions for 2020

20 New Years Resolutions for 2020

Okay, you know the deal… Every year we set these “resolutions” that most only focus on for about a month. If you asked me in August what my resolutions were for the year, I probably wouldn’t know. 

For some reason, this new decade has sparked a fire of ambitious motivation within us and we decided to set 20 new years resolutions for 2020. We centered them around getting outside and appreciating the outdoors more… and we’re gonna hold ourselves to them! We also want YOU to join us so we can improve our health, minds, and overall outlook on the outdoors.

So, as this historic year continues, we’ll keep you all posted on our new year’s resolutions. If you decide to join in on one (or all) of them, share them with us so we can all share in the adventures. 

1. Try 2 New Outdoor Activities 

Whether you’re a climber or a kayaker all of the outdoors are rad. Take some time this year to learn 2 new trades, sports or adventures. (Pro tip: use Instagram and Facebook to find groups and clubs that participate in your activity -- most outdoor groups will be open to fresh and eager newbies.)

2. 20 Sunrise and 20 Sunsets 

Which do you prefer? Sunrise or Sunset? Either way, enjoy the beauty of nature and chill in your hammock as you watch the sunrise on a new day or as the day sets by a campfire with friends. Waking up for the sunrise is incredibly beneficial for your mental health and clarity. Kundalini yoga principles say that the “ambrosial hours” between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. are the prime hours for strengthening and cleansing your mind, body, and spirit. 

3. Send 20 New Problems or Routes

This one is for the climbers. (I’ve already started!)

1. 5.9 at High Point Climbing Gym

4. Hike 20 New Trails

Google some local trails around your area, grab a few friends and hit it! 

5. Introduce 2 People to your Outdoor Hobby

So are you the avid thru-hiker in the group? The mountain biker or maybe the SUPer? Look for friends who may be interested in your hobby and invite them to join! 

6. Visit 2 New Places This Year (1 International and 1 National)

This is for the ambitious adventurers. Our goal: Honduras to build a well and Wyoming for Yellow Stone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

7. Visit 2 New National Parks

View from Cathedral Peak @ Yosemite National Park - photo by Casey Hyde

We have so many treasures here in the U.S. Hyde has challenged himself to hit 14 New National Parks before Nov 7th to complete his “30 National Parks x 30 years old” goal. Wanna join? Drop a comment and let us know where you want to meet! 

January: Congaree 

February: Cuyahoga Valley 

March: Biscayne and Everglades 

April: Hot Springs 

May: Rocky Mountains

June: Sequoia 

July: Got suggestions? Drop them in the comments below!! 

August: Acadia

September: Yellowstone and Grand Teton

October: Virgin Islands 

November: Carlsbad Caverns 

8. Pick Up 20lbs of Trash in the Wild

Leave No Trace is something we should all be practicing, but we’ve all experienced those moments on the trail when others don’t have the same courtesy. Set a good example by grabbing a trash bag before a hike and try picking up trash on your way through. Local communities usually have volunteer groups and charities that meet for group cleanups - also a great way to make friends!

9. Meet 20 New Friends on the Trail

How many times have you passed by a fellow hiker without saying anything? They’re obviously cool because they’re on the same trail as you. Throw them a “hello” or a smile and see where it goes! Perhaps offer a PBR to the campers at the campsite next door. You never know… maybe they’ll be down for an adventure next weekend too! (Pro Tip: Practice caution when interacting with people you don’t know. It’s nice to assume everyone on the trail has good intentions, though it’s not always the case.)

10. Go on 20 Micro Adventures Around your City

We live in Chattanooga, so we’re lucky enough to have as many opportunities for urban and wild adventures as we do. The internet is awesome -- look for the mini adventures around your city and go for it! 

Some micro-adventures around Chattanooga:  

  • Bouldering at Zhand on Lookout Mountain
  • Bike the Riverwalk - all 13 Miles of it or maybe run half of it?!
  • Kayaking or Paddleboarding the Tennessee River Gorge

11. Run or Hike 2, 20, 200, or 2000 miles this year 

One great thing about the technology many of us carry around every day is that they track how many miles we walk. Use this feature (or any other preferred device) to keep track of the trail miles you put on. Set a base goal and aim to beat it! 

12. Build 2 Water Wells!

If you know Sierra Madre, you know we’re all about people and providing clean drinking water to areas of the world where disease and suffering are often caused by the lack of access to it. In 2020 we aim to build not one, but TWO clean drinking wells. Support this goal by checking out our One campaign products here: 

Nubé Hammock Shelter

Stratos Hammock Shelter 

Ninox FlatLay System

Inferno Insulation System 

(One product = One year of clean drinking water for a person in need)

13. Commute by Bike 20 days this year

Whether it is by bike or walking, lower your carbon footprint by commuting to work without using fossil fuels! 

14. Be Active for 20 minutes per day for the whole year!

Daily exercise is important because when you’re moving, you’re delivering oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Especially for those working at a desk for most of the day can benefit from daily exercise to improve their heart and lung health which, in turn, provides more energy to tackle daily tasks. These exercises can be stretching for a few minutes, taking a walk, or doing some simple exercises on your lunch break. 

15. Volunteer 20 hours in the Outdoors 

Google some local volunteer services around your area. Here’s a way to volunteer with our U.S. National Parks Service too!

16. Spend 20 minutes less on Social Media a day

Not sure if you iPhone users have noticed, but there’s a setting on your phone that tracks the amount of overall screentime you use and even breaks it down by app. Aim to spend 20 minutes less per day and fill that time with a new activity or some quiet reflection time for yourself! 

17. Drink 2 Liters of Water a day

Water is paramount to our overall mental and physical health. The 8x8 rule is pretty common - drink eight 8oz glasses of water per day (equals about 2 liters). Even mild dehydration from exercise or heat can have negative effects on your mental function, so continuously sipping on water throughout the day is best. 

18. Spend 20 Nights in a Hammock

Ninox FlatLay hammock with Inferno mkII Insulation System

Of course, we are a little bias on this one, but with the Ninox being as comfortable as it is, you’ll be sleeping 200 nights after you enjoy the first 20!

Our first night of the year will be in Congaree National Park in a few weeks. (Pictures to come) 

19. Spend 20 minutes on yourself for a day.

Especially for parents, having time to give yourself even 2 minutes of self-care isn’t always realistic. This year we challenge you to be selfish and focus on yourself every now and then. Remembering to give yourself some TLC when you need it can be difficult. Whatever your 20 minutes need to be (i.e. exercising, drawing, writing, sitting in silence) ask for help when needed and take that time for yourself when you can. 

20. Take your lunch break outside 2x a month

Enjoy the fresh air and take your lunch outside every now and then. Hyde and I took our sandwiches outside to enjoy the gorgeous Chattanooga weather we’re currently having. 

1. 1/08/2020

You can check here throughout the year to see our resolution progress! If you decide to join us on any of these resolutions, share them with us on Facebook and Instagram by tagging @sierramadregear. Have your own outdoor-centric resolutions, drop them for us below!! 


  • @Richard Taylor – That’s wicked!! We’ll keep you up-to-date on our miles too! Where did you lay down those 12??

    Maddie Witt (Sierra Madre)
  • @Patrick – @Patrick – The Hot Pocket is definitely a top priority for us. These goals were set to help keep our minds and bodies fresh outside of work so we’re ready to come in and take on every day!

    Our previous update explains further but as we’re trucking along, it’s in the hands of the manufacturers now and we’ll be sending out another update as soon as we have new news.

    If you were a backer during the KS, you can access that update here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sierra-madre/hot-pocket-instant-heat-when-and-where-you-need-it/posts/2712792

    Maddie (Sierra Madre)
  • @Kemper – We’re always greasing the wheel for the hamster’s to run! We like to work hard, but it’s nice to take on other outlets to help keep us mentally and physically in shape! :)

    Maddie (Sierra Madre)
  • @James S Harlan – Oh, that’s a given! We’ll all be enjoying the wild with our Hot Pockets soon :)

    Maddie (Sierra Madre)
  • How about being able to use my new hot pocket in the woods and on the trail along with the batteries and solar panels. Now that would be great don’t you think

    James S Harlan

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