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Adventure Racer Reviews The Nubé Hammock Shelter

Read Review: Nubé Gear Review For those of you who know me, you know I have a passion for the outdoors, which means I also have a passion for the equipment that I take out with me. I am a gear-junkie. Plain and simple! I like the best, and I invest in the best whenever I can. This is why I trust Sierra Madre Research to occupy my backpack with the outdoor gear that I need.  I literally wish they made everything I take with me. The quality is unrivaled. It is truly made FOR outdoor adventurists, BY outdoor adventurists.

US - Nicaragua Road Trip Warrior #3 - Amanda

Growing up in the suburbs, Amanda left the Minneapolis area to pursue her education at Colorado State University. She earned degrees in Spanish and Sociology, with minors in Latin American Studies and International Development. Her love of Colorado and skills on the slopes led to a job as a ski instructor in Aspen where she has worked for five seasons. Amanda has traveled South America studying abroad in Chile, working at a backcountry ski resort in the shadow of Anconcagua, and finessing her Portuguese in Brazil.