Destination: Managua, Nicaragua - Team Sierra Madre Research Drives Supplies to Central America

SMr Road Trip Mississippi to Nicaragua

       Three strangers, one 1982 Diesel Powered Jetta, a trailer full of supplies, and a Kawasaki motorcycle. Destination: Managua, Nicaragua. Today travel is common, we all do it, so what makes this trip different? We have three people, myself (Lacy Greer) who will be documenting about our experience, Eli Baylis, a photojournalist who has traveled the world looking for adventure, and Amanda Braun, a ski instructor with a tongue for Spanish.  

Sierra Madre Research, a company that is the creation of Richard and Juli Rhett, has brought us together. The Rhetts and Sierra Madre Research have promised to give back to the country of Nicaragua by providing fair paying jobs to local families and bringing clean water to areas in need. Something that is dear to all of us. We are starting this trip off practically strangers, and have chosen to brave the dangerous border towns of Northern Mexico, the rain forests of Guatemala, and the rough streets of Honduras in hopes of bringing a few supplies for SMr to use in Managua.

Much of the course we have chosen to take follows the very inspiration for the naming of Sierra Madre Research.  Stretching from southern Arizona to Honduras, the Sierra Madre mountain range passes through Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. These mountains cover a massive range of our world’s culture and affect so many lives with their adventure and beauty. Like a spine running through a body of land, the Sierra Madre range connects North America to Central America. These mountains symbolize Sierra Madre Research’s mantra: advocating adventure, connecting people to people, and bringing hope to the hopeless.

We are sure to hit a lot of literal and figurative potholes along the way, but are hoping that the local communities will lend a hand when we are in need. With any luck we will be able to capture a fraction of this experience along the way and share it with anyone looking for first hand accounts of traveling in the dynamic region of Latin America!

 Let the Adventure Begin!

Let the Adventure Begin!

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