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Ninox Fly Pole Kit | 20% Increased Interior Space
Ninox Fly Pole Kit | 20% Increased Interior Space

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    Ninox Fly Pole Kit | 20% Increased Interior Space

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    Ninox Fly Pole Kit | 20% Increased Interior Space

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    Ninox Flat Lay Hammock

    First timer. Slept out on my property in 25 degree weather + 16" snow over 3 nights. More comfortable than I expected. Love it. Will use on my next trip to Elwha River in Washington.

    Great! So glad that you love it, hoping to see more of your adventures with the Sierra Madre gears. So excited for your next trip. have a great day!

    Ninox and Stratos Fly

    Three nights, 4 days, 25 degrees plus some snow. Ninox, great all around hammock. Super comfortable. * Does have some stretch when you get in so might want to hang slightly higher than normal. Winter top shield makes a huge difference. It keeps all the wind off of you.
    * Hammock + winter shield still fit in stuff sack, no need to remove.
    Stratos fly is great. Easy to setup/ packup and it works, even with some snow. It is a fly for sure, not a shelter (my opinion). If you need more coverage, perhaps look for something larger.
    Overall this gear is fantastic.

    Thank you Patrick, those pics look so comfortable. Love it!

    Ninox... eh? Not impressed yet

    I’m 5’6”. 1st time out, I hung the suspension as high as I could reach on trees about 16’ apart. Hung so that the ridge line was mostly taut, the hammock still brushed the ground when getting in and out, which was difficult. If you wanted to use the gear sling underneath I think you’d need to take a ladder with you to hang the thing high enough. Also, I could not reach the ridgeline while laying in the hammock which makes the storage option there less than ideal. I really wanted to like this hammock but so far it’s certainly less than ideal for me. If anyone has some suggestions on how to improve this, I’m open.

    Hi Jason,

    We greatly appreciate your feedback and we're happy to work with you to make sure you have a much better 2nd experience with your Ninox hammock.

    As mentioned in my email to you, the Ninox is a deep sag / 11.5' long hammock - that combined with our Comfort Wave Pattern makes the Ninox extremely comfortable and a very flat lay compared to other gathered end hammocks.

    To solve your issue all you'll need to do is use trees that are a bit closer together, try a set of trees between 10'-15' apart. This will help you get the hammock up higher.

    We do have many customers that are in your height range and enjoy the Ninox Hammock.

    Please let us know how your 2nd try with the Ninox goes at a closer tree distance - we're confident it will be very different than your first :)


    Sierra Madre Support

    My warm weather hammock

    I have not used my hammock yet, but I am going to when I get a chance. I looked at a lot of hammocks and chose this one. I like that it has a bug net attached. This will be my go-to warm weather hammock. I own 3 more hammocks, and I really like this one.

    Great!!! Glad that you love it Greg, it will be awesome as you use it. Thank you for buying Sierra Madre gear!

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