Top 4 Reasons I Made the Switch from Tent Camping

Top 4 Reasons I Made the Switch from Tent Camping

Are you tired of waking up as Cranky McCrankerPants because you didn't get a restful night's sleep in the wild? 

#1 How about waking up to see you've got a dripping wet, muddy pack from the Mississippi River running through your tent... 


#2...or the inevitable sore back from a deflated pad or from having Rocky Mountain National Park up your backside...


#3...or waking up feeling icky and wet with condensation from lack of airflow...


#4...and let's not forget the inevitable little buggers that like to keep you company on the ground... 


If you relate to any of these problems, we've got THE ultimate solution.

Imagine being able to break you AND your gear free from the wet, rock-filled ground and sleep peacefully without having painful pressure points that leave you in a less than pleasant mood the next day. Sound impossible? We thought so too. 

At Sierra Madre, we’ve developed two different ways to experience the wild and retreat to the skies with comfort and protection - we call it Air Camping. Sleeping outside should feel just as cozy as your own bed, so here we are, ready to empower YOU to brave the unknown. 

Modular vs. Integrated

There are two, equally badass options when it comes to Air Camping - the only difference depends on what type of experience you’re seeking.

It's in your court now, wilding -- don't settle for anything less than you deserve! Join us in the air! 

Checkout our Integrated Air Tent - Nubé

Checkout our Modular Air Tent - Stratos

Checkout our NEW Modular Air Tent - Ninox

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