What is Air Camping? (And Why It's a Perfect Fit for the Hot Pocket)



As a Kickstarter backer, you'll get access to both systems at backer-only prices during the Hot Pocket post-campaign survey. We'll be sending the survey your way soon, so be on the lookout!

Drop a comment below and let us know which Air Camp you are, Modular or Integrated?

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  • @Brian

    Thanks for reaching out. It’s great to know you perfer a modular hammock system versus the intergrated. We currently don’t have a way of modulating a built-in gear stash AND bugmesh. This is something we will have to look into. Thanks for the feedback!

    Lexi N. (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • @Pamela: That’s great to hear you are interested in the modular system. I will include a link to our Ninox pre-order page (which includes details and specs) so you can compare it with our Pares Hammock.

    Ninox Pre-order Link: https://sierramadreresearch.com/pages/ninox-flatlay-hammock

    If you are looking for added warmth and insulation for under your hammock I reccomend our Inferno Underquilt. The Inferno Underquilt sits right underneath your hammock and is deigned with Draft Caps so cold air doesn’t sneak in. We have the Inferno Underquilt available in 30 Degrees or 0 Degrees. It’s provides extreme insulation for the outside of your hammock so you stay ultra toasty!

    Inferno Underquilt Link: https://sierramadreresearch.com/products/inferno-under-quilt

    Currently we do not have a way to use the Winter Barrier wihtout the Stratos Shield. We will defintely look into different ways to modify it to make it work! Until then we will be sure to keep you posted with any additonal updates :)

    Lexi Nguyen on
  • Modular, though I like the insect mesh built in gear stash. Is there any way to modulate that?

    Brian Watanabe on
  • Good to see this advanced idea on camping. See next what I can apply or not.

    Steven on
  • Hi again, I was looking at your “Winter Barrier” and reading comments. I see that some one commented about wanting to use it without the Stratos Bug Shield. I am curious as to if you came up with a solution for that as I’m pretty much in the same situation. No bugs in winter where I’m located in Idaho. I’d actually like to be able to use it both ways though. We do have mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs in spring, while it is still cold and windy.

    Pamela A Maughmer on
  • I’m interested in A modular system as I’m guessing it is the easiest to use with winter stuff? I’ve looked on your website, but there is no Ninox Flatlay Hammock on there for me to compare to the Pares Hammock. I need a heavy-duty Hammock with lots of room, so from the 3 on your website, it seems the Pares would be best for me.

    And, whats the difference between the Pares Hammock on your website and a Pares MK II that you have here?

    I’m actually trying to figure out something for “air camping” at my Astronomy site in very cold Idaho winters. Any suggestions? I have a -40 bag that I want to use but figure I’ll still need something under it too.

    Pamela A Maughmer on

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