Top Ten Family Outdoor Activities

Top Ten Family Outdoor Activities

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Top Ten Family Outdoor Activities

There’s nothing better than getting out of the house and enjoying a fun activity that you might not have considered trying out before. With the summer season fast approaching, there‘s no better time than now to start planning a roster of activities that the whole family can enjoy. Break the kids away from those devices and make some memories you’ll never forget with these top ten family outdoor activities!

1. Go on a family picnic

Combine a nice meal with a patch of green grass in the sunshine and you have a recipe for a wonderful afternoon! Make some sandwiches, bake some cookies, and bundle up your picnic blanket. There are no rules for a picnic except the ones you make for yourself, which makes this activity a family favorite.

What’s more is when you’re preparing the food, you can get the kids involved in the kitchen too! There’s something really fulfilling about a family cooking together then rewarding themselves by lounging about in the sun all afternoon and getting to nom on all the goodies you made. Bring along a frisbee, a kite, or a pack of cards to play and you’ve put together an afternoon outdoors to remember.

2. Go for a hike

What better way to stay fit and healthy with the family than to go on a hike? Leave behind the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life in favor of some good old fashioned fresh air and beautiful landscapes around your home. With just a bit of research you can find the perfect trail at the perfect level for your family. There are even apps and websites specifically designed to help you find trails near you. It’s important to choose the right trail so you don’t find yourself dragging the little ones up a goat trail on a sheer cliff face! Always remember to bring a compass, some snacks, and plenty of water.


3. Charity work and volunteering

Teach your kids about social responsibility and the importance of helping others by getting involved in the community with this family activity.

Families can make a real impact by helping out those less fortunate than themselves. Whether it’s getting involved in fundraisers like fun runs or food drives, or volunteering at a local shelter, there are plenty of great ways to engage in your community and help out your neighbors in need. The warm feelings you’ll get from knowing you made a difference is priceless.

4. Camping

This is the classic choice for a weekend away in the great outdoors. With camping equipment easy to pack and carry, this activity is more accessible than ever. This means it’s also much easier to camp with young children that may prefer access to amenities like showers and proper toilets.


Sit by the campfire and share songs and stories while roasting marshmallows and noshing on smores. The memories that you’ll make will last a lifetime, and when the children grow up they can pass on the tradition to kids of their own.


5. Build a backyard fort

Drag out the old blankets and sheets that never get any use and get building! A backyard fort will guarantee hours of fun for you and the kids. Just add some fairy lights and pray for good weather so you can carry on into a magical evening you’ll never forget. For some extra touches, bring out a blow-up mattress or some couch cushions to make things extra comfy. And always remember a flashlight so you can tell scary stories!

6. Kayaking

Get out on the water and learn teamwork at the same time! Rowing in sync is a lot harder than it might seem, and doing it without getting drenched is a fun challenge. 

This is also a very photo-friendly activity. Is there anything more classic for an outdoors family photo than spending time on a lake together? If you want to take photos while you’re on the water, invest in a waterproof camera or phone case to save a lot of headaches and money. One wrong move could send your device to the bottom of the lake! And don’t forget your life vests - you never know how easy it can be to capsize your canoe!

7. Visit local outdoor sights

All too often we take for granted and overlook the wonderful sights in our own backyards. What’s the story behind that old statue in the town center? What exactly is in those dusty old museums around town? Why is there a plaque set into that rock? Family time is your chance to find out!

Do a little digging on your hometown and learn about all the cool historical sights you’re surrounded by. Then get out there and see them with the family in tow! Afterwards you’ll get to regale your friends and neighbors with tales of the town.

8. Giant Board Games

What’s better than snakes and ladders? GIANT snakes and ladders! And you get to be the pieces. This goes for any board game — bigger really is better! For around the ten dollar mark, you can find some big inflatable dice — all you need to do is improvise the rest. Does a jump rope really look that much like a snake? It does today!

Want to play a game of Monopoly? Find an old plastic box in the toolshed and suddenly the community chest comes to life. There’s no limit except your imagination.

9. Family bike rides

Give your legs a workout and go on the nice family activity of a cycling trip. The destination doesn’t matter — it’s the journey together that’s the fun part. Cycle down to grandma’s house, to the park, or anywhere outdoors that your heart desires. You’ll teach your kids valuable lessons about safety and responsibility by making sure everyone wears a helmet! 


10. Duck feeding

If you’re looking for a relaxing activity in the outdoors, this one really fits the bill. Feeding ducks at a local pond is a calming experience.

Since bread doesn’t give them the nutrition they need, ducks prefer foods like corn, peas, or seeds. If you have any leftover vegetable scraps from cooking the night before, these are a good option as well, and it means you won’t have to buy anything extra. Just make sure to check the laws in your jurisdiction to make sure duck feeding is legal.

Pro tip:

Just remember to pack the essentials like plenty of snacks, bug spray (How to Treat Your Clothing), warm clothing, and toilet paper.

You don’t want to be caught short on those!

There Is So Much Outdoor Fun For You And Your Family To Enjoy

These are just a few of many fun-filled family activities you can do with your family in the great outdoors. Ask your family members which ones they’d prefer to try — just make sure to get out of your comfort zone, expand your horizons, and try something new!

Whatever activities you end up experiencing, you’ll no doubt be creating memories that will last a lifetime. 


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