Nubé: How to Tie Your Knot / Sky Hooks

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Suspension, Space, Water Shedding

Sky Hooks suspend your Nubé off the ground and give you an ample amount of room inside the Nubé, while creating a tight, angled surface for shedding water. 

Here's how to tie the knots to suspend your Nubé* from the sky hooks:

* The Nubé itself is not designed to bear any weight. Your hammock suspension system bears the weight of the user and the Gear Stash combined. All weight limitations are based on SMr's EZSlings and SMr's Climb-Rated carabiners, (SMr Suspension System is rated at 1,000lbs.) 

* SMr is not liable in the case that any other brand of hammock suspension system fails while using the Nubé. If using any other brand hammock with the Nubé, please check it's weight limitations before setting it up with the Nubé and Gear Stash. (Or just retire your old hammock and convert to the strength and comfort of a Pares Hammock!)

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