Hot Pocket Power Pack Update!


Two Power Packs — Endless Possibilities!

The Power Pack UL and XL have been our largest investment to date. At launch, we had basically agreed on a 12v battery with barrel plugs in order to keep the purchase cost manageable and the mold investment low.

But, once we saw the traction the campaign was having, we decided to go all-in on USBC PD (thanks to the feedback we received from our KS community). This was a big move and one that will give us a great foundation to work from for many future products. This is a huge investment, but one that aligns with one of our core values:

Relentless Innovation

The Power Pack is the key to the Hot Pockets instant warmth. The ability to dump 60w of heat into the Hot Pocket is a first for the world. Creating a 60w design, while still keeping the packs lightweight, was an immense challenge.

Combine that with developing a new board, waterproof USBC ports, a 40 lumen light, and custom connection ports for a physical fit—and it’s been a busy summer.

Ultimately, you’ll end up with a 60w HiE (high energy) port that allows input AND output and then an 18w output port.

The HiE port will be used for the heat panel (output), wall charging (with the Lightning, Eco, or Auto), and the Solar System (for solar charging). It's a smart port, able to detect energy requirements and then adapt the controllers in the battery to work accordingly (pretty nerdy stuff, I know).

The 18w port will connect to the phone plug on the Hot Pocket or can be used to power the Light Link.

One thing we made sure of: The 40 lumen light had to be much brighter than your phone light (otherwise why have it)—and it is!

What Happens Next...

Here's a quick rundown for the next steps of production:

First-round samples [APPROVED]
Molds are in production. [IN PROCESS]
Power Pack Certifications [BEGIN NEXT WEEK]
All Solar System and Heat Panel testing [COMPLETE]
Power Pack samples [IN HOUSE]

We're hard at work to bring you the world's first stuff sack with on-demand heat! Thanks, as always, for all of your support and patience. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop as we have updates. 

Until next time!


You can learn more about the Power Packs or add an extra to your order here.

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  • It would be nice if you all could just get out the Hot Pocket on time…

    Ben on
  • Will these hot pockets be available in canada, because I know there is a huge market for them here. I want one very badly, but i can’t seem to find any pricing or even approx price.

    Marten Vlietstra on
  • Thanks everyone for all your kind support and words of encouragement ❤️ This has been a serious work in progress which we’ve been loving every minute of. We’ll be sure to continue with the updates so you guys are well informed of the progress being made!

    Stay Wild 🐾 -Sierra Madre Family

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • @Steven there will be a battery life indicator! It is located next to the flashlight portion on the top of the Power Pack. There are 4 dots on the top which represent the battery life.

    @Ken Gordon yes the Hot Pocket Power Packs (both UL and XL) will safely go through security as a carry-on. ✈️ See the below excerpt from the FAA website (

    @Marie Martin the Hot Pockets will be shipping out in November 2019 as stated on Kickstarter 😊

    Lexi (Sierra Madre Support) on
  • Australia in November can be stinking hot unless you’re going to Tassie where it might be snowing. I don’t think you’ll need this product on your trip. Enjoy your adventure to our country.

    Virginia Greenup on
  • Not a product issue, but I appreciate all the “endless” updates!
    Other KS projects are not doing as well on the communication.
    Was hoping to use it on upcoming wife’s birthday trip to Australia in November but if not, so be it. We’ll just have to schedule another trip to try it out.

    Ezak on
  • Marie martin.

    Chill lady. You kickstarted a project. The project is still on schedule and all the “endless” updates are keeping us in the loop and letting us know about cool perks.

    Don’t like how kickstarter works? Wait until it’s on Amazon at full price. Sheesh

    Mikie on
  • As a product developer myself, we too have been fighting with USBC upgrades, because it’s the best choice at this point. I commend you on your efforts with this, some of us do understand to commitment and changes this type of thing takes!!
    Thanks for the updates!!

    Bryce on
  • So when do we get the ones we signed up and paid for. Your endless emails are getting super annoying. I think you got a lot more people who wanted this item on your kickstart and now you’re trying to reinvent it perhaps. So when can we expect ours?

    Marie martin on
  • Can not wait to get it and try it out this winter (assuming time lines meet up). Your focus on innovation and quality is amazing – keep it up.

    Hope I can show it off at a Local OkPik Cold Weather Camping training in Dec and Jan!!!

    Kudos and Amazing Work!!!!

    Anthony Dean on

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