Hot Pocket Power Pack Update!

Two Power Packs — Endless Possibilities!

The Power Pack UL and XL have been our largest investment to date. At launch, we had basically agreed on a 12v battery with barrel plugs in order to keep the purchase cost manageable and the mold investment low.

But, once we saw the traction the campaign was having, we decided to go all-in on USBC PD (thanks to the feedback we received from our KS community). This was a big move and one that will give us a great foundation to work from for many future products. This is a huge investment, but one that aligns with one of our core values:

Relentless Innovation

The Power Pack is the key to the Hot Pockets instant warmth. The ability to dump 60w of heat into the Hot Pocket is a first for the world. Creating a 60w design, while still keeping the packs lightweight, was an immense challenge.

Combine that with developing a new board, waterproof USBC ports, a 40 lumen light, and custom connection ports for a physical fit—and it’s been a busy summer.

Ultimately, you’ll end up with a 60w HiE (high energy) port that allows input AND output and then an 18w output port.

The HiE port will be used for the heat panel (output), wall charging (with the Lightning, Eco, or Auto), and the Solar System (for solar charging). It's a smart port, able to detect energy requirements and then adapt the controllers in the battery to work accordingly (pretty nerdy stuff, I know).

The 18w port will connect to the phone plug on the Hot Pocket or can be used to power the Light Link.

One thing we made sure of: The 40 lumen light had to be much brighter than your phone light (otherwise why have it)—and it is!

What Happens Next...

Here's a quick rundown for the next steps of production:

First-round samples [APPROVED]
Molds are in production. [IN PROCESS]
Power Pack Certifications [BEGIN NEXT WEEK]
All Solar System and Heat Panel testing [COMPLETE]
Power Pack samples [IN HOUSE]

We're hard at work to bring you the world's first stuff sack with on-demand heat! Thanks, as always, for all of your support and patience. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop as we have updates. 

Until next time!


You can learn more about the Power Packs or add an extra to your order here.


    Here’s our most recent update explaining the shift we had to take in manufacturering. We will be releasing another update when we have more information!


    Maddie (Sierra Madre)
  • Hey Deryn, I completely understand wanting your poles, and we would love to ship them to you now! Just shoot an email to to split your shipment and we’ll get you taken care of :)


    Maddie (Sierra Madre)
  • What’s going on? Where’s the hot pocket? Any chance you could at least send me my poles. Tired of waiting for products you should have already sent me. I should’t have to pay additional shipping when you have had my money for product currently in stock.
    Realize the hot pocket is still in production, but where are my poles?

  • When will the Hot Pockets ship? I thought they were supposed to ship in November. It is now December.

    Mary Beth
  • It would be nice if you all could just get out the Hot Pocket on time…


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