Ember Choosing your Style, Fit, and Size

Ember is set to come in two different styles - the Jacket and the Pullover.

The most obvious difference between these is that the Jacket has a full zip and an insulated hood and the Pullover has a half zip and an insulated collar.

These two designs will be focused on slightly different temperature ranges. When wearing a base layer we expect the pullover to be comfy down to 45° to 48°F (without heat) and 15°F to 19°F (with heat) and we expect the jacket to be comfy down to 40°F to 44°F (without heat) and 9°F to 15°F (with heat). 

The easiest way to see the difference in temp is that the Jacket has 2/3 breathable sides while the Pullover has FULL breathable sides. 

Keep in mind these are just guidelines and may vary based on your body type and other factors like: Windchill, Activities, Personal Thermostat. Some people are walking furnaces and can be seen in jorts and a t-shirt when it's 45°F outside, while some will wear Ember on full heat when it's 85°F outside 🤣

Here's a summary of the differences

  • Jacket is full zip with an insulated hood; Pullover is half zip with an insulated collar. 
  • Comfort Temperature Range will go lower for the Jacket and higher for the Pullover. 
  • Jacket will have 2/3 breathability on the side; Pullover will have full breathability on the side. 

    REALITY IS, there are a lot of similarities in the Jacket and the Pullover.

    The core concept of Ember is the same between the Jacket and Pullover, Instant Heat You Can Feel + Breathability to keep you from Overheating. The foundation and components of both styles are very similar, let's break them down!

    Both Have:

    • Toothed YKK Front Zipper (fast, reliable, smooth)
    • Hidden YKK Zipper Pockets (concealed, smooth)
    • 4 way stretch ripstop exterior with HydraShield (Wind Blocking & Water Resistant) 
    • 4 way stretch breathable liner (Softer Breathable Interior)
    • 4 way breathable active stretch fleece (Breathes more when stretched)
    • The heat panel construction is the same for both pullover and jacket. 5 graphene heat panels controlled with a single switch, high heat for 15 minutes then auto shut-off, low heat continuous.
    • The core fit of the pullover and jacket will be the same. Meaning the patterns for the core and arms will be the same
    • There will be a difference in construction at the neck region, this area is where the hood is incorporated into the top shoulder and chest area. 
    • We made a switch to single panel construction at the shoulder area. The driving factor for this single pattern area switch is 1) comfort while wearing a backpack. 2) longer durability against the wear and tear from back pack straps. 

    ALSO, we did tweak the Male & Female fits to make sure they work better with your body. 

    We all know that the number of body type variations in this world approaches infinity 🤓 that being said we've really tried to do our best to use ALL of the data our wonderful backers gave us to tailor Ember to YOU! That being said here are a few of the obvious differences between the Male Centric Fit and the Female Centric Fit:

    • In the male fit we created an athletic fit around the torso, chest and shoulders while adding a slight increase in the circumference of the base. So it's not boxy but it's definitely not a tailored suit. 
    • In the female fit we went with an athletic torso, slight expansion in the bust area, contoured shoulder and an increased circumference in the base as well to accommodate for a variety of hip styles. If you like tight fitting, you'll probably want to drop a size. If you like to feel feminine with room to move - you should pick your normal size.  
    • In both the male and female we have longer than standard arm lengths making sure you'll never have sleeves riding up your arms. The front of Ember will cover your belt line and the back will got to around mid cheek. (the only thing we half a$$ at Sierra Madre 😉) 

    Remember, you'll have one free size exchange to make sure you get the PERFECT Ember fit!

    WANT TO DOUBLE CHECK? Here's how to double check your size. 

    If you'd like to be 100% sure on your size, who could blame you!? Just watch this video, grab a flexible measuring tape (or a string) and make your measurements. 

    If your measurements don't line up EXACTLY don't stress! Pick the closest size according to how you like your jackets fitting (tight or loose) and go with that!

    (Pro Tip: If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, don't worry, grab a string and find your two measurement points and then measure that with a normal tape measure 😎)

    NOW, you should know EXACTLY which Ember is right for you! Click here to pre-order yours!

    As always, if you have any questions please reach out to us via Email (<- Just Click It)!


    • MALE Size S

      JUHO LEE
    • I’m going for the jacket in black. Men’s XXL (2XL). Cuz I’m a NYer and black jackets are codified into law.

      Stephen Macknik
    • Womens 2XL jacket

    • men jacket size large

      zviki govrin
    • Small Jacket

      Sam Hurd

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