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jeni bradburn
Pufflo pillow

This will be very handy camping or in the car for just in case. I like the handy drawstring case as well.

We are glad to know that. Thanks for writing us a review, Jeni. We appreciate it. Thanks for supporting Sierra Madre.

Kip Cosan
I Slept Under The Christmas Tree!

My Pufflo+ arrived just before Christmas and I was so excited to try it out that I slept under the Christmas Tree waiting for Santa to deliver the rest of the gifts! The Pufflo + is great for pillow-huggers and side-sleepers like me. My pillow was blown up about halfway for the Santa-wait. That seemed just right for the night. And, since the Pufflo+ outer fabric was so super-soft, I didn't need a pillowcase! I love this pillow...now I have to buy one for my husband before he discovers mine. :)

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and writing us this review, Kip. This kind of review inspires us to do more innovation for the wildlings. We appreciate your support!

Denise Munn I haven’t had a cha
Making choices when

I am not able to take my puffalo pillows to do a Test Run in my tent trailer as it is in storage. I will do one on my bed to see the comfort level of these pillows and will do the review tomorrow.

Great! We are looking forward to hearing about your experience with our Pufflo Pillow. Thanks for purchasing the Sierra Madre products.

Kid stole it for Glamping already...

I grabbed this in preparation for a kayaking and camping adventure I'm planning next year....
(I'm needing lightweight and easy set up gear). Now is the perfect time to grab this. Its easy to pack in its own little bag and I love the adjustable feature it has too. In fact my kids loves it so much, she's already claimed it for glamping in the back yard!

Love the photo! We appreciate your time and effort in writing us this review and sharing this pic. It means a lot to us. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre!

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