Pufflo | Camp Pillow


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Kendra Masson

I was hoping to receive my new Puffalo before my final camping trip of the season. Sadly, it arrived while we were away. It looks and feels amazing, I think I'll set up my tent in the backyard just to try it out!

I bought your camp pillows this spring, so we've used them on three camping trips now. I'll never look back! I've been tripping for 20 years and thought of a pillow as an unnecessary luxury. I've had the best sleeping in a tent this summer! The rest of the family agrees. It also inflates and deflates in seconds and takes up almost no space! You've convinced me!

Thanks for the time and effort in sending us a review with a 5-star rating, Kendra! We appreciate it so much. Thank you for trusting Sierra Madre! :)

Sara B

The amount of adjustment is incredible with this pillow. Plus, the fact that it is still packable and backpack camping worthy is fantastic. I'll never use another pillow for camping again!!

Awesome! Thanks for this lovely review, Sara! It means the world to us. We appreciate your support! :)

LOVE Love love this Pillow

This pillow is amazing for camping. This purchase is my 4th pillow. I started with mine - then my son and daughter "needed" them for scouting - and just this year my husband joined the club. He tried to take it on our camp out to Isle Royale and was met with resistance so he got his own.

That's awesome, Thea! Thank you for sending us this review with a 5-star rating. We appreciate your support! :)

Boss Gear

Easiest, most comfortable pillow Hands Down! It's like taking my memory pillow from home only it packs up to the size of a shoe. I take this everywhere with me, on the plane, hotels, everywhere. I know I will always have a comfortable pillow from the wildest jungle to the craziest hotel.

Thanks for this 5-star review, Jeremy! We appreciate your support! :)

Inferno 30° System


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Sam Engle
Warm and Roomy

Being 6'4" causes issues with fitting into sleeping bags and quilts. Plenty of space to move around and spread out while being plenty of warm and packing down small enough to take on longer backpacking trips. Hood is an added bonus!

We appreciate the time and effort you've taken in sharing this review with us, Sam. It means the world to us. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre gear!

John Lozano
Great fit for a yeti

Fits my hammock perfect and kept my underside warm in 20 degree weather…

That's great! Thanks for taking the time to write us a review, John. We appreciate your support!

Wish i had this sooner!

I love my inferno quilts! It definitely up my hammock game. Bottom quit is perfect and warm. The top quilt is a game changer, easy to get in and out, warm, i really appreciate that it has a hood. A lot of thought and consideration went into making this. I absolutely love it. I like that i can still use the top quilt for tent camping if i want to change it up a bit. The materials feel nice the comfort is amazing! Packs down nice. It includes the storage sack and the travel pack. I felt warm and comfortable in seconds, passed out in a min or two. No tossing or turning best rest ever.

Thanks for sharing this excellent review, Daniel. We are happy to know that you love your Inferno quilts. It means the world to us. We appreciate your support!

Greg Suchy
Literally a life saver!

I used the inferno system this past weekend for the first time in the Catskill mountains in upstate NY. The first night brought a severe storm with high winds, rain and snow.

During the storm a tie off broke on my tarp while I was sleeping, causing the foot end of the underquilt to come unclipped along with getting me and my gear wet. I woke up with a mild case of hypothermia and had issues using my hands but managed to secure the tarp and reattach the underquilt. Even with the water issues this system was still warm and had me feeling normal again in a short time.

I would definitely recommend this sleep system to anyone hammocking in cold weather. Thanks for a great product and the fortune to still be alive to write this review!

Awesome! We are delighted to know that your Inferno system serves its purpose! We appreciate you writing in this review and sharing your experience. Thank you for trusting Sierra Madre!

Hot Pocket | Camp Heater


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Based on 106 reviews
Renee W

I purchased the hot pocket a few months back but my trip was delayed by a few months.

Have moved into my motorhome and thankfully had this gem and my puffle (which is like sleeping wrapped in the softest clouds) during some welcomed rain that had rolled in for a few days, right as I got my first camp site!

Not being fully set up I had to quickly set up enough camp to function.

I was cold, wet, first night on a jack knife couch, and beginning to mentally prepare for a rough sleep..

Quickly watched the gear guide videos with great optimism!!

I…. Couldnt…Be…Happier….


The blue setting in the bottom of my puffle kept me snug as a bug right till morning.. where I was still sooo warm that the idea of getting out of my cocoon of warmth and comfort, was totally rejected and I settled back in for an extra 2 hrs of sleep… Until natured called and could no longer be denied!! Lol

It’s been a few nights now and I cant imagine my trip with out the hot pocket.

Ingenious ideas on making it a pack sack, or arm/foot sleeves… I’ve obviously tried all the training video positions now as well as a few “i wonder if it can do this” options but tucked into my puffle for bed is where it’s at for me.

Its really quick to charge and doesnt drain my battery bank. Barely detectable.

I cant wait to try my other products. Each will be tested throughly and reviewed.

The puffle was used along with my hot pocket and must say being able to put my hot pocket on my lap and wrap myself ku-by-ya style in the puffle, utilizing the snaps to modify the puffle shape to my position is super handy over zippered bags, respectively. I was able to tent myself in my puffle, with my hot pocket on my lap, while I read a book waiting for the rain to stop.

1 point for puffle on this hot pocket review.

Everything is incredibly soft.

The End

Wow! That's great, Renee! We appreciate your time and effort in writing us this review with a 5-star rating. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre gear! :)

Hot Pocket

This is so awesome it is like a warm soft blanket of comfort for those chilly nights out on the trail or just hanging out around the house or any outing.

Thanks for your time and effort in sending us this 5-star review, Gary! Love the photo. We appreciate your support! :)

Hot Pocket!!! This thing is cool!!!

Love my Hot Pocket, this thing is so much better then I could have expected! I love my Sierra Madre hear and wanted something to put it all in. I went with the large and it has more then enough room for anything you need for a weekend out in the wild!

So happy to know that you love your Hot Pocket, Aaron! Thank you for this 5-star review and lovely photos. We appreciate your support! :)

Joshua Price
Great Addition to Cold Weather Prep

I bought this for my wife. She's a terrible cold weather camper. It's actually her Mother's day gift so she hasn't used it yet. I did turn it on to test and used the power bank to charge devices last weekend. It's very compact and the dual use as a stuff sack will be awesome.

That's great! We appreciate the time and effort you've taken to write us a review. Thank you for buying our Hot Pocket as a gift to your wife. Hope she'll love it.

xPlor | Pocket Hammock


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Aaron Koher
Xplor hammock is perfect!

Nice compact hammock you can take anywhere!

Thanks for this 5-star review, Aaron! We appreciate your support! :)

snazzy hammock

perfect fit, love it. matterial is soo comfy, super happy with it.

Great! Thanks for this review, Chris. We are delighted to know that you are happy with your xPlor hammock. We appreciate your support!

kazumoto nojima
It's good

I think it's relatively compact and has a good balance with comfort. I own several hammocks, but I spent the night at Palace and xPlor.

Great! Thanks for this review, Kazumoto. We appreciate your support!

Very comfortable

It took me a little while to get the angles right, this is my first hammock. When I did though it was amazing. I do believe the kids and wife enjoyed it more than me. It was confiscated almost immediately. Definitely worth the purchasre and again thanks for great products.

Great! It was nice to know that your family enjoyed the xPlor hammock. Thanks for trusting the Sierra Madre products! We appreciate your support!

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