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Benjamin Record
Where was this when I was a Boy Scout?

In south Louisiana, we have rain, skeeters, no-see-ums, & heat. This shelter would have been ideal for so many of our camping & canoeing adventures. Easy set up, keep gear off wet ground, bugs out & allows air to flow through. Love this

Thank you so much for the time and effort to send us this review with a 5-star rating, Benjamin. It means the world to us. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre! :)

First solo setup by my daughter

My daughter Addie, (16 years old) asked to take the Nube' with her to the Lake on the 4th of July weekend. She has seen me put it up a few times, but not on her own yet. She was going to stay at a cabin with friends and want to sleep outside in the Nube'. Everyone else was amazed that she could put it up by herself and I would let her go alone. This is such a great hammcock tent system we just love it! Addie sent me this pic below at first setup. She raised the Nube's about a foot to get if off the ground. She also took the XPlor, hot pocket, light link and puffalo. Everything fit inside the hot pocket xl. Cheers

That's awesome, Steve! Your daughter is impressive! Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre gear! :)

SCUBA Camping at Fox Island, Alaska!

Super quick and easy setup... Which meant I was waiting on everybody else to finish setting up camp before we could start SCUBA diving!

Everything stayed in place even with the soil being mostly rocks under a quarter inch of dirt. Didn't have any significant rain, but did have 5ish mph winds. And now that I've scouted this area a bit better, I'm going to need a hammock next!

Great photo! Thanks for sending us a 5-star review, Ryan. It means the world to us. We appreciate your support! :)

The Nube will keep the bugs out!

I live in Florida and in the summer months it is extremely buggy and hard to camp but not with the nube not only is this shelter big enough for 2 grown adults it will also give you a bug free rest even in the worst conditions.

Wow! So happy to hear that! Thank you for taking time and effort to write us a review, Aaron. We're glad that you like your Nube. Have a great day! Hoping to see more of your adventures with the Sierra Madre gear.