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The Nube Is The Best Hammock Shelter System On The Market!

Take a look at the Nube Hammock Shelter System, and you'll think it's a hammock shelter from another planet! It's expertly designed, and provides 3 primary functions: protection from rain and the elements via the waterproof barrier, protection from annoying bugs via the mesh insect shield, and a gear stash at the bottom for stashing your gear in. It works really well with my Sierra Madre Pares Hammock, and superbly handles all the functions it's designed for.

The insect shield and gear stash can be rolled away if you want to create some space under the waterproof barrier for hanging out with friends. And you can also flip the Nube upside down, while still using the insect shield, if you want to hang in your hammock and stare up at the beautiful sky, while protecting your skin from bugs.

As usual, Sierra Madre Research really did the homework on designing a hammock shelter system, and came up with the best one there is! If you love hammock camping, but need to protect yourself from the elements and bugs, (and could use an easily accessible, off the ground gear stash), then I highly recommend the Nube! I did my research as well, and I backed the Nube Kickstarter since it's the best product of its kind on the market!

Thanks for this excellent review, David. We appreciate it so much. It means the world to us. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve the outdoor community. Thanks for your unwavering support to Sierra Madre!

Jacques Boucher

Well! I have just received it and as I am living in Québec Canada and still - 10 degrees here. I will have to write when I put it up.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to write us a review with a 5-star rating. Looking forward to your future adventure with our gear. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre!

Timothy Wiley
New Nube

Happy with my new Nube. Just a couple of suggestions.
I really think a ridge like with a pocket for keys, cell phone etc. would be a welcome feature for such a premium product.

Great! Thanks for the 5-star review, Timothy! We are delighted to know that you are happy with your Nubé. We also appreciate your suggestion. Thanks for supporting Sierra Madre!

5 Stars!

Received my Nubé MK IV so quick after I ordered it. Great shipping times! Can't wait to try it out this summer.

Thanks for the 5 Star review, Courtney. We really appreciate it. We are looking forward to your future adventure with your Nubé. Thank you for supporting Sierra Madre!

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