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Amazing Jacket

When you need a jacket to keep you warm hoping in or out a building, at an an outdoor concert, or a mid layer in the Arctic Circle, the ember is the jacket. When it starts to get cold hit the button and the heat comes. The battery lasts a long time and can charge your phone as a bonus. This jacket is a game changer.

Ember made Aurora Borealis chasing enjoyable. Nighttime temps were -1 to -30. The ember was my mid layer. I would power up then step outside for 30 mins at a time. My core was always warm. When the lights popped I was ready. Will never travel without it.

Wow, love these photos. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with your Ember. Brian. So delighted that you are enjoying it. We appreciate your support!

Jen Helms
Perfect for ski season

I love this jacket! I work a small ski resort in Idaho and I wear this jacket daily - it’s soft, warm, and light enough to wear under heavier layers or as a top layer. I’m
5’9” so I ordered a mens jacket for the length and it fits perfect!

Thanks for the 5-star review, Jen. Love it so much. It means the world to us. We appreciate your support!

Ember Jacket

The jacket is stylish and extremely comfortable. This heated jacket exceeded our expectations. The response from customer service was not only quick but precise. The only thing I see to improve is to add instructions on how to use the jacket, ie. how to utilize the button on the jacket to control the heat…without have to find a video. You included instructions on the battery. A definite buy.

Thanks for the 5 Star review and for your suggestion, KB. We really appreciate it. Such kind of review means a lot to us. Thank you for trusting the Sierra Madre products!

Better than I expected

Supported the kickstarter to get one for myself and my husband. I finally got my jacket in December as it was shipped to my cousin that I couldn't visit due to travel restrictions. It is better than I expected. The fabric reminds of Arcteryx with a slight sheen and the fit is very comfortable. The heat is quick and the hidden gloves were such a great surprise.

Thanks for your time and effort to write us a review, Salina. It means the world to us. We greatly appreciate your support!

"The fit is flattering. I can rock climb in this and not worry about my range of motion. Seriously, I would buy two" Paige

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