Puffle Adventure Blanket & Free Pufflo

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Puffle 40° the 3 in 1 Adventure Blanket

  • Incredible warmth from down or synthetic insulation
  • Buttery soft fabric that is water resistant & tear resistant
  • Maximum versatility as a TopQuilt, UnderQuilt, or Linkable Blanket
  • Lifetime of Adventures Guarantee

Experience Wild Comfort with the Puffle!

Puffle is the go to Adventure Blanket for your travel needs!

The Puffle keeps you warm by sealing out the cold air and sealing in your body heat.

The Puffle works as a TopQuilt or an UnderQuilt keeping you warm in Air Camp mode or Tent Camp mode.

Link or Stack multiple Puffle together to increase warmth or your picnic area!

Pufflo Camp Pillow free with Puffle!

Pufflo is the perfect Camp Pillow, blending softness and support into one package!

Customer Reviews

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Comfort and warm

This blanket is amazing. Used it on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Compact, light, and comfortably kept me warm. Great attention to details. Plus, the pillow amazining soft and comfortable.

Puffle blanket & Pufflo review

I love the easy hook system about the blanket with the hammock. And the button system that allow me to combine two blankets into a loop that could cover around my whole body up and under during a cold weather. But for the dry bag, there is a little pouch that used to carry the sling, the pouch should stay at the bottom of the bag instead on the lip. Since in put the sling into the pouch, I cannot roll the dry bag more to make the whole blanket more impact. That’s the only think I doesn’t like.
On the other hand for the pufflo, I love it has two separate Parts. I can just use other one or combine whatever I like. But the air plug, that could gas a better design like other air mat, also the material could use use some better one the the side that will touch the face. Since the hot weather, this kind of material doesn’t works with a High humidity weather. But overall it feel really like a real pillow.

Just about perfect...

Excellent construction and design, and plenty warm...my only complaint would be the size. I have broad shoulders so the sleeping bag mode doesn’t work for me. I’d buy a Puffle XL in a second if you made one. I’d suggest you simply make it square (based on the max dimension of the current blanket).

So far, Great.

Warm, quiet and feather proof nylon fabric, goose down, very compressible and light. Have not yet tried it as a hammock under quilt, but hope to soon. As a couch quilt and as a sleeping bag liner in a MN winter, it rocks!

Like a cuddle

It's like having a cuddle so soft and warm