Nubé 4 Season Combo

$889.00 $981.00

Ready for 4 season Hammock Camping?

This combo pack includes everything you need to hammock camp in the winter! Includes your Nubé Hammock Shelter and Nubé Winter Barrier for full element protection, the Inferno Insulation system for incredible warmth, and our Pares Camping Hammock for restful comfort!

All inclusive system weight: ~9.49 lbs (4.3 kg)

You will receive the following:

- (1) Nubé Hammock Shelter

- (1) Inferno 0°F Top Quilt

- (1) Inferno 0°F Under Quilt

- (1) Nubé Winter Barrier

- (1) Pares Hammock + (2) Carabiners

- (1) set of EZSlings

Customer Reviews

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New to hammocks.

Great system, well made, and easy to set up. Even for a nube was set up in minutes after watching a quick reference video from the smart barcodes on each item. I quickly discovered that I will be needing the winter barrier unless you are in the sunshine and very low wind Regardless of any sleeping bag you could have. UK weather mostly wet and windy no matter the season. Since I intiatially bought my 5 Season elite snugpak to be a cheaper option to the inferno underquilt and top. I will try the barrier with a insulated air pad first...The nephew is screaming at me to come along so the Xplore bunk hammock is next. May even help warm the nube being another body heating the air within. Great product quality and worth the money thanks.

Awesome to hear that this was easy to use for you being new to the hammock adventure! We know you're going to love it as much as we do!

Let us know if you have any questions on the xPlor so your next adventure can be hambunking!


Wonderful product. Feels like a cozy little home. My husband will use it for a meditation pod near our lake

We do love our adventures but the time just taking in the world from our hammock is so good for the soul! Nothing like a soft peaceful place to Zen for a bit and recharge! Enjoy your time by the lake!
Explore the World with Sierra Madre!

Whether I’m exploring in the Appalachians or walking the Camino, I always get a great place to lay my head & enjoy the beauty of my surroundings.

Love the view you had! Keep on Wilding and showing us where it takes you!
Finally a Nube!

A Nube has been on my list for years. So glad for the sale! Thank you, SMR! It shipped quickly, is more compact than I thought it would be, & hope to see how awesome it is when I go back overseas. I would go outside to try it, but it's way too cold for me!

Let us know how it goes! We'd love to see where you adventure off to! How about you send us a video and we can give you some Sierra Madre credit for other cool gear! We love seeing where our gear gets to go!
Great system

I have not set it up to try, since it has been rainy, snowy and cold here. I have unpacked it and watched the video. It looks like a great system. I am looking forward to trying it in the spring. My Boy Scout Troop is planning a 50 mile wilderness canoe trip next summer, and I am really looking forward to using this on that trip.