SPECIAL OFFER: Ninox Fly Pole Kit

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The Ninox Pole Kit is a must have for your Ninox Fly. It snaps in and allows you to spread out the Ninox Fly, instantly creating more interior space for you and your gear. You can also snap it in on one side of the wings to open the Fly up for porch mode, giving you a beautiful window to the outside

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Winter Camping with the ninox

Even in wintertimes we enjoy the comfort of our ninox in the woods from Swiss Alps. The pictures are taken at 1200 m.

Lucky you ~ BEAUTIFUL place to hang out and Ninox! Thank you for sharing!
Ultra Soft Hammock

The Ninox Hammock is one of the softest hammocks I have slept in. It also has a lot of head room. Highly recommended!

Thanks Jacob! Send us some shots of where you find to park the hammock! Would love to see them!
First trip

It was Great.....—

Love this! The pictures look great!
Perfect Nights Sleep

I had a excellent backdrop on the Manistee River in Michigan, to hang and test out the new gear. I was not disappointed. I was treated to two perfect nights of sleep, what a great product! Now I have a new piece of gear to add to my winter camp set-up, come on snow!

Looks gorgeous, Todd! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your gear!! :) Keep adventuring!
Well designed, well made

The Ninox hammock is very well made, the materials and craftsmanship is excellent. It feels so spacious once you are inside. I think this is in part due to the unique design. I don't know how many prototypes and designs they went through before finalizing this, but it's obviously had a lot of thought and testing put into it. From the way it's all self-contained in it's carry bag, which you don't remove, it stays on the straps so nothing to lose, to the unique design which gives it the flattest flat lay of any hammock on the market to the way the bug net and winter cover attach to the built-in guy lines. The gear stash which hangs below is brilliant too. I bought the double layer, which allows you to put something, like a sleeping pad between the layers. I tried a sleeping pad, but they have just don't seem to work well for me in hammocks. Before receiving my Ninox, I was using 2 of my hammocks to do something similar, have an upper and lower layer that I could slide a down blanket into, to give some insulation like an underquilt would. So instead of a sleeping pad I put the down blanket between the layers and it's worked brilliantly, and better than my previous 2 hammock solution. I sleep in my hammock every night in my house. When I go camping or backpacking I'm often not in areas with trees, so I haven't done much hammock camping yet. But if I did a lot of hammock camping I would have also gotten the tarp system. I love the fact that everything has been thought out, designed to integrate intelligently with everything else, and all having excellent build quality.

Ecstatic to hear you're enjoying your double layer, Donna! You gotta get your hammock out in the wild soon for sure!! :)