Inferno Under Quilt


Designed for End to End Warmth!

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Complete hammock camping warmth from your head to your toes! The Inferno Under Quilt is designed with Draft Caps so you never have to worry about cold air sneaking in! The Inferno Under Quilt insulates from outside of your hammock making life so much better than sleeping on a pad! Why insulate from the outside? Because any insulation between you and your hammock is basically useless, if you don't have loft you don't haver warmth! So keep your butt warm with the Inferno Under Quilt!

Insulation Material 800 FP Goose DownTek
Exterior Fabric 10D HydraSHIELD (Weather Resistant Breathability)
Interior Fabric 10D AiiR (Breathable | Soft Hand Feel)
Temperature Ratings   30° F (-1.1 C) or 0° F (-17.8 C)
Sizing Info up to 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
30° F (-1.1 C) Weight  20 oz (649 g)
30° F (-1.1 C) Fill Weight 10.6 oz (300 g)
0° F (-17.8 C) Weight 26.5 oz (822 g)
0° F (-17.8 C) Fill Weight
16 oz (454 g)
What's Included Inferno Under Quilt, Inferno UQ Stuff Sack, Storage Sack